Saturday 12 May 2012

Day Five - Food and Round Up

Well, this is it, the final day.  The food above is what I have left after living through Day Five.  You could actually survive on this for a couple of days.

Pasta with a Peanut Butter Sauce
Pasta and Gravy
Rice flavoured with a couple of Veggie Stock Cubes
Rice with a Peanut Butter Sauce
Rice with Gravy
Hot Lemon and Water to drink

Slighlty boring but it would keep you alive!

Breakfast - 1 slice of toast and my last two little eggs.

Lunch - sorry forgot to photograph them, but I'm sure you can imagine what 2 Peanut Butter Sandwiches look like, washed down with a cup of hot water with lemon.

Lovely Hubby was home and had a Bowl of Soup and we both had an apple.

Tea - Veggie Curry with boiled rice (turned out better this time, thanks for the tips) and 2 Falafels each.

Followed by Cake and Custard.

The reason LH had soup for lunch he came home early today and caught me in the act of making these soups.  Four tubs of Veggie soup and one of Tomato and Pumpkin Soup, he just couldn't resist the Tomato and Pumpkin one, so this meal was included in his daily 33p allowance. 

All this soup (there are two good portions in each tub) cost just 25.3p to make, using the last of all the veggies, a couple of stock cubes and the last jar of homemade Tomato and Garlic Sauce.  They are now tucked up in the freezer for future use, so are outside of today's budget, I just wanted to make the best use of the foods I had.

Facts and figures

Me - Allowance £1

Coffee - 9p
1 Slice of Toast with 2 Fried Eggs - 7.1p
2 Hot Lemon Drinks - 1p
Peanut Butter Sandwiches 13.6p
Apple - 3.1p
Curry and Rice with Falafels - 25p
Cake and Custard - 9.7p
Coffee - 9p

Total - 77.5p

LH - Allowance 33p

Soup - 1.5p
Curry and Rice with Falafels 25p
Apple - 3.1

Total - 29.6p

A brilliant daily amount considering the sheer amount of food we ate!

So there you are....... it's been a good week, a real eye opener, and the best thing is that I can go back to normal, if you are one of the 1.4 billion folk who live below the line for real you do not have that option.  This is it your life, eeking out the foods you have, thinking about and planning all the time where your next meal is coming from.

I know I've been there, it's not easy.

This week for me has been a reminder of how far I've come, how much I've learned over the years, how much is still tucked away in my memory of the years when I did this 24/7 for real, day in day out, week in week out,and  raising two children while I did it.

It's reminded me not to be wasteful, to scrape every last bit out of the bowl, to drink every last drop of a drink, to think ahead.

It will be nice to get back to 'normal', but it's been a good Challenge to do.

Thank you SO much all of you who donated money by sponsoring me, or by joining up as a new Follower and making LH donate on your behalf, (he's done it all with a grin on his face, he thinks you're a wonderful lot), he's making a final payment tonight so you have a little more time if you want to press that 'Join this Site' button today.  Thank you for your comments, compliments and encouragement....I think you're a wonderful lot too.

A sneaky little taster!

This will be my last foodie Blog for a little while as I have lots of lovely photos to show you of what's been going on here at our place over the last week, and I have some new girls to introduce you to, you didn't really think it had just been about the food all week did you?

Have a brilliant weekend.

Sue xx


  1. Well done Sue, it just shows what you can do on very little money. It's really a case of going back to how things used to be, with no convenience foods or ready meals and making everything from scratch and using up what we have, and leftovers too, to make nourishing filling meals. Throwing food away is just not an option nowadays - not that it ever was, really! I've read a few Live below the Line blogs this week - Michael's is a good one - and everyone has been so inventive and produced some really nice looking meals from very few ingredients. One thing I've noticed a few people say is that meals produced on such a limited budget can lack flavour, so it just shows how herbs/spices can perk a meal up. Something which people who are unfortunately genuinely living below the line don't have the luxury of. Makes me feel very humble and very lucky indeed, despite the fact that husband and I live a fairly frugal (by necessity) lifestyle.....although rich in comparison with a LOT of people.

    Thanks again for all your posts this week Sue, it's given me food(!!) for thought.

    Regards, Sooze xx

  2. I think you have done extremely well. I am always looking for cheap nutritious meals and shall be trying out some of your recipes. Well done and thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I knew you'd do it Sue and Lovely Hubby!

    Left a little donation for you (JE)

    Sft x

  4. Well done Sue!

    Is that a new Bluebelle I spy?

  5. Well done, Sue!! Look forward to meeting your new girl's! Hope your hens are as much fun as 'us hens', it is my future daughter-in-law's hen night tonight, Line Dancing!! Oh Lord, which way is left and which way is right?!! Congratulations on your cheap-y week-y! Love Heather

  6. well done. such an amazing effort. So pleased you managed it with food to spare. enjoy your weekend breakfast.

  7. Hi Sue
    I have only just sat down to catch up with your blogs and I admire you very much with what you achieved last week. You and your husband should be very proud of your selves and I feel very humbled. Thank you so very much for sharing your week with us- food for thought!


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