Friday 4 May 2012

Something New, Something Old, Dismay and Thanks

Something New - for the first time - yes I have to admit it - I made a Smoothie, well a jug full of smoothie actually, and very yummy it was too.  Frozen Strawberries and Rasberries from last years crop, with half a Pineapple from my birthday fruit basket off Mum and a really, really over ripe banana.

And the verdict.........YUMMY!! 

Definitely one to be repeated, it's easy, full of goodness and it uses up all the little odds and ends of fruit that are lurking about the fridge.

Something Old - open freezing, I do it all the time with any little things that I need to be free-flowing straight from the freezer.  Yesterday it was the turn of three lemons that I found lurking in the drawer at the bottom of the fridge, I didn't want them to go off while I do my Challenge next week, so I decided to slice and freeze them ready for use in drinks in the future.  Really simple to do and they chill your drink beautifully.

Dismay - at how few seeds you seem to find in fruit these days.  As a fruit and veg gardener I am truly dismayed that we breed the fruits these days to have less pips and seeds.  How would they reproduce without seeds and pips, where would new life come from without humans to plant seeds.  (Inserts a little sad face)

If I'm ever out in the car chomping on an apple I always check to see if it has pips, if it does the core gets lobbed out of the window in a suitable place for an apple tree to grow, rest assured not folks' garden just wild looking places and wide verges.  It's the only time I feel like a litter bug (but a good one)!

And finally - Thanks.

Thank you to Sarina for her wonderful gift of a Riverford vegetable recipes folder, she had no need for it and generously offered it as a giveaway prize the other week.  I was the lucky name that came out of the THANK YOU Sarina, it has found a good home.

Lots of useful recipes neatly ordered by the month the veggies are in season, just what I need when the Kitchen Garden springs a glut of a surprise on me.

So that's two treats I've had in the last couple of weeks, first my wonderful day out to Yeo Valley to meet Alys Fowler  and now my lovely folder of useful recipes from Sarina. 

Now if any one of you knows the winning numbers for Saturdays National Lottery...........they say luck runs in threes!!

Remember if you choose to Follow this Blog anytime between yesterday and the 11th May, 50p will be donated by Lovely Hubby on your behalf to my Live Below the Line challenge money.  Eleven of you did just this yesterday raising £5.50 thank you.

Sue xx


  1. Sorry Sue, the lottery is mine, some hopes, we don not even buy a ticket.......

    Love the floder, I am always looking for new veg to use and ways to cook it. OH takes the kitchen garden mag and he has white chard seeds in this months giveaway. Never had chard befor no idea what to do with it, but will give it a bash.

    We are just off to put the brassicas in, we have to net them against the blessed pidgeons and will also have to put some fleece across then in case we get a late frost.

  2. I re-discovered smoothies recently too. Nutritionally they are great, packed with vitamins and protein if you make them from mjilk or soya milk, and easy to digest if you are not well. Yours looks yummy!

  3. I`m so glad you can make good use of this folder I sent. I tend to make up my own recipes and had no use for it at all.
    Smoothies are great. I love them chilled, to have as a breakfast drink or a filling lunch addition.
    Packed full of vitamins and fruity goodness they truely do you the world of good!

  4. I could...ask Bruce the Horse to follow...or the 4 chooks...or ted...or the HUGE spider in the bathroom this morning...
    HA! that's 3.50 hubby has to put in the popt!!

  5. lovely smoothie!!

    Fewer bees, less pollination, fewer pips?

    Also fruit we buy is picked far too unripe.

  6. silversewer - Chard is wonderful, use the stems and the leaves for all sorts of recipes, just treat similarly to Spinach.

    Minerva - I couldn't believe just what I had been missing and SO simple.

    Sarina - the folder is brilliant - thanks again.


    gz - you've hit the nail on the head - duh...why didn't I think of that, if fruit is unripe it does not have it's pips/seeds developed yet. Although some fruits are being developed to not have pips at all, such as seedless grapes./

    This explains why English apples have so many more pips than overseas ones, we get them as they are riper. Thanks.

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  7. So, if we all 'Unfollow' wait a couple of days then 'Follow' again..perhaps changing our profile pictures so we look could make a mint!!
    Jane x

  8. That looks very nice, was it just the fruit or did you use some fruit as well?

  9. Haha...Jane....Lovely Hubby has a panic stricken look in his eyes!!

    datacreata - I guess you meant to say veggies, no I used just fruit this time, the only veggies in the fridge that were past their absolute best were radishes and I didn't think they would go!!

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  10. Yay - you are doing smoothies- I love them in the mornings as they are so easy to make and consume and a good way of getting goodness into kids! Now when you are brave you have to try green smoothie - spinach, kale, cucumber ..... I add an apple and some lemon to lift the 'grass' taste, but so good for you. I throw my apple cores on verges too - only thing I do throw (except my clutter at the moment xxx

  11. That smoothie looks devine.. I'll put my hand up to never having made a smoothie either.

    Am loving the folder, you lucky thing you.

    Julie xx

  12. I love smoothies, which reminds me, I have lots of fruit in the freezer too which needs either making into jam or into smoothies. It is difficult to remember things when your freezer is in the garage and you have to right from back to front of house, outside, then in the garage, even in the pouring rain.

  13. I didn't know you could freeze lemon slices! You just saved me a lot of money here. I buy lemons with the intention of doing wonderful things with them only to find that they've molded. On the smoothie front, if you wind up with leftovers, try using it to fill popsicle molds and freeze it... makes a great, healthy treat.

  14. I will remember your tip for seed throwing. Such a nice and simple thought. Love the smoothie too. Oh to have a freezer bigger than one in a toy kitchen :)


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