Friday 11 May 2012

Day Four - Food and Flavour

Breakfast - 2 slices of toast and hot lemon to drink.

Lunch - Egg Mayo sandwich and hot lemon

Getting down to the business of making the evening meal.  Blitzing an onion with herbs picked from the garden...

... adding some lightly cooked homegrown veggies (saving the water for tomorrows soup).

I then mixed together the onions/herbs and veggies, formed them into cake shapes in wet hands then dipped them in beaten egg and then the two slices of dried bread that I had blitzed into breadcrumbs (yes some of you were right!!), and made four enormous Veggie Burgers.

Served with Potato Wedges and the last of the homemade Mayo.  A very yummy, and VERY filling tea.  Just the flavour wasn't quite there, more spices were needed, maybe some garlic or chilli would have made the flavours zing a bit more.

But a good result and I'm very pleased with the cost, definitely something I would make again.

Facts and figures
Me - Allowance £1
Coffee - 9p
2 Slices Toast with Peanut Butter - 12.5p
Egg Mayo Sandwiches (3 eggs/2 slices bread)  - 11.7p
3 Hot Lemon Drinks - 1.5p
Potato Wedges and Veggie Burgers 24p
Coffee - 9p
Total - 67.7p
LH - Allowance 33p

Potato Wedges and Veggie Burgers - 24p
Total 24p
A meal for two for under 50p
So a very good day cost wise, but it did involve a lot of time in the kitchen and lots of washing up!!
And what I hear you asking is on the menu for tomorrow, well I've decided to switch my breakfast and lunch, and have eggs on toast for breakfast just for a change and Peanut Butter sandwiches for lunch.  The evening meal......well I think it's going to be a curry.....

... perhaps using some of these.
What I do want to do is to use up as many of the remaining items as I can and see just how many meals I can actually get out of them.
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Sue xx


  1. catching up with what you have been up too. I have that Shirley Goode book and I need to pull it out again I think!!!


  2. You`re doing very well! That hot lemon water is something I have 3 times a week for breakfast. Those veggie burgers look delicious, too!


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