Monday 28 May 2012

Hot in the House

Yes it's hot in the house, the greenhouse that is.  I've painted out the windows to dilute the heat of the sun and give my seedlings a fighting chance.

It makes it look messy, but I don't mind, nor do the occupants.

The tomato plants due to be potted into their grow-pots this week...

... the Courgettes, strong and healthy (my favourite plant, so sturdy and strong)...

...the little Cape Gooseberry plants.  We discovered how much we love these last year.  They start off so tiny and yet yield such wonderful fruit.

The Carrots, ready for transplanting to the raised beds this week.

My compost, made in it's entirety by my Lovely Hubby and that's why......

You get such lovely foods to eat, all for a lot of effort and a bit of love.

Sue xx


  1. I too like to play in the dirt. We have now used the last of our own compost as we can't make that much of it so now have to resort to a little bought in stuff to finish off. Got the tomatoes potted into their final pots, beans in the ground (hope no more frost), a single courgette in, then got too hot. Really sultry here yesterday.

  2. We had the first of our own mixed salad leaves and radishes yesterday, grown in our own compost in a raised bed (actually, an old water tank). You're right Sue, it is lovely growing/eating your own stuff - I was amazed at how much more taste our own homegrown salad leaves had than shop bought.

    Regards, Sooze xx

  3. Looks great, such promise in little plants. I must go and get some tomato and courgette seedlings myself, not quite at the grow from scratch stage yet!
    Sarah x

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  5. We were spreading poo yesterday.A bit of a contrast from Saturday.
    Jane x

  6. Hope your plants can keep as cool as a cucumber - not easy in the heatwave we are having !

  7. We are growing Cape Gooseberrys for the first time this year. I'm pleased to hear that yours were good.


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