Thursday 24 May 2012

I Played a Joker - and got carried away !!

Well I played my Joker and got carried away......I ventured into the darkest deepest depths of T*sco, and went a bit wild.  Nothing that we won't use during this fist week of the diet though, so it's not that bad really.  No sugary snacks or processed foods just lots of vegetables, salad stuff and brown pastas and rices ready for when our five day Phase 1 of the diet is over.

There were a couple of good  offers on, our usual brand butter 2 for £5, my favourite brand of Olive Oil less than half price so I stocked up on those.  I got some more decaf coffee and tea, it's all we're supposed to drink on this diet, although you can ease back to caffeinated after the first 5 days if you find you don't have an addiction to it.

The fridge is looking healthy, lots of Natural Live Yogurts too and bottles of Sparkling water, we have been drinking tap water recently but we decided as there is no alcohol for at least five days we would have some sparkling water in the evenings and maybe even slip a slice of lemon and some ice in too.....oooh we are living wild!!

I cut Alan's hair and beard last night and this morning went for my regular five weekly appointment to get my hair cut, it was all a total coincidence but it feels like new us all around.

Our books are sitting on the kitchen table ready to be dipped into whenever we feel like inspsiration or to remind ourselves what we can or can't eat and the menu is planned for the full five days, I will be posting this and any remarks about the diet each day over at my other Blog (How Low Can You Go).

If you would like your own copy of any of these books they are available at Amazon or many local independent book shops.  See the link in my sidebar.

It's another gloriously sunny day here in Berkshire so after planting a few more radishes out into the raised beds I may just settle down with a magazine or two for a quiet afternoons reading.  I think I've earned a good sit down.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for this post Sue, I have just been on the FODMAP diet (prescribed by a dietician for IBS/food intolerance/allergy issues) and was looking for something similar, although slightly less restrictive, now I've finished it. The Harcombe diet looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. Am currently on hols (and eating stuff I shouldn't, and boy am I suffering for it!), but will be starting the Harcombe diet when we get back on Sunday. Good luck with it!

    Regards, Sooze xx

  2. Ooo good luck with the diet - will watch your progress with interest. Is the hair cutting part of the diet or just a cheats way of trying to lose more weight? lol xx

  3. We have made enquiries with Diabetes UK about this diet but they don't seem too impressed - I think it's because of her view of carbohydrates. My OH MUST eat plenty of carbs otherwise he becomes hypo, and his sugar level falls far too low. He does eat mainly wholemeal carbs, no white stuff. We are reading everything very carefully, but I think it might not suit me either due to reflux problems - I can't eat too much meat or fat. We're a bit like Jack Sprat and his missus!

    Anyway, good luck with the diet - I think you've just got to go with whatever suits your lifestyle.

  4. Woozy - thanks for the good wishes, it's only Day 2 and already I'm feeling better.

    Mrs Thrifty - it was just a happy coincidence with my appointment, but I thought it only fair to do Lovely Hubbys too to balance out any potential weight loss side effect of less hair...... Lol!

    Vintagemaison - Lovely Hubby also has to eat wholemeal carbs for his diabetes and this diet is the only healthy one that includes these from day 1 even in the first strict part. The main priority in LH's Doctors opinion is for him to get his weight down as quickly as possible and this is seen as a healthy way to do it. As I eat NO meat it suits me too, it is the most versatile diet around that only includes real food. The actual worst foods for diabetics is the very food sold as Diabetic Food, it's been tampered with that much.

    Penny - Thanks.

  5. Vintagemaison - I meant to add, that anyone with diabetes should always follow their Doctors advice, every person is different and you have to do what's best for the individual.

    And it's also how well you feel in yourself, we would never do diets that made us ill or messed about with our long term health.

    We are purely doing this as low carb/wholemeal carb and eating only unprocessed food suits us both completely.

  6. Yes, I think that whole foods in the old sense ie not messed about with, or added to, is the best - it's what generations before us ate! And of course, if you know where your veg comes from ie you've grown it yourself, then even better!


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