Thursday 3 May 2012

Could You Do It ?

Could you do it?

If you want more information pop over HERE.

If you don't want to do it or can't for any reason how about sponsoring me and then I'll be doing it on your behalf, you can follow my progress on the Blog each day during the official Live Below the Line Week 5th - 11th May.

Visit my personal Live Below the Line sponsor and information page HERE.

Don't want to do that either then how about something very simple, Lovely Hubby has said that for every new Follower that joins before the end of May 11th (the last day of my Challenge) he will donate 50p on their behalf and if by any chance I can get an extra 100 Followers by the end of the Challenge he will add an extra £20.

So, if you've been lurking or reading without 'Following' simply click the little button that's under Lovely Followers in the side bar, it says 'Join this Site' and there you are, you will have donated 50p to a good cause.

At the time of writing this I have 386 Followers, lets see how much money we can raise in the next week.

(I don't usually tout for Followers but I made this exception last year and I will do it again for such a good cause.)

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What have I been up to in the greenhouse lately?

Well I've potted on my Tomato plants and some Mixed Leaves.

And I have lots of seeds just starting to germinate.  It's been a slow start this year, but after all the rain of the past couple of weeks, I'm not overly concerned, if I had already had some baby plants in the outdoor beds they could have been ruined, so I am feeling quite laid back about my late start.

The only thing I am a bit upset at is my lack of fresh growing things for next weeks Challenge, I had planted a tray of 15 Radishes, potted them on and now they seem to be dying, the Mixed Leaves I put in are tiny and so is the Cress.  I may be able to pinch a lettuce leaf or two off each baby Lettuce, but I will have to be careful.  Thank goodness for saved and frozen veggies from last year.

How is your planting of veggies going?

Sue xx


  1. More rain & I think more of my plants will perish - they are so waterlogged !

  2. Hi Sue

    Paypal on livebelow site playing up: will try again later...but £20 pledged to the cause you are supporting. FM xxx

  3. Hi Sue, I've just found your lovely inspiring blog via that of Mrs Thrifty and am now following, I have really enjoyed reading back through your posts and will look forward to more, marina x

  4. I am growing rocket, and maybe potatoes but only have a small garden with lots of mares tails which are a nightmare so am having to grow the spuds in a bag. They did well last year.


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