Friday 11 May 2012

Still Day Four - Final Day

Here is the food I had left at the start of the today, my last day Living Below the Line.

I sort of set myself a Challenge to see how much of it I could use, not necessarily to eat today, but to see how many meals I could make and freeze for future use.

I've done well with the homegrown stuff and this is the other fresh stuff I have left.

This was the Pumpkin just before I popped it into the oven.  I was going to make a Pumpkin Curry for tea tonight but it cooked much quicker than I anticipated ( I was busy touring Blogland and forgot about it.....) so now it has been added to a big pan of soup I have on the go.

I actually have two pans of soup on the go, one contains the Roasted Pumpkin, the last jar of Tomato and Garlic Sauce and a handful each of the frozen veggies, the other contains the last half of the soup mix and a couple of the stock cubes along with the saved vegetable water from yesterdays Veggie Burger making.  We will most likely eat a bit of one of these as a starter for tea tonight, the others will be portioned and frozen, just so I know, out of interest, how many meals I would have had left.

I think I've planned very well this year I don't have that many left overs, the only thing not touched is this.....

....sorry Aunt Bessie I had nothing to pour you on!

Back tomorrow with the final round up of what I'm eating today, the day's costings and how much money I've managed to live on over the last five days.

If you tempted to try this for yourself read this, an email I got from Stephen at Live Below the Line...

Dear Sue,
We’re nearly done! The end is so close I can almost taste my Saturday morning bacon sandwich!
Over the last week, we’ve been able to get a glimpse of what it means to Live Below the Line. But, we can’t forget that it’s not a 5 day choice for 1.4 billion people on our planet – it’s life.
Thank you all for your resilience, creativity and humility. We’ve loved all the blogs, videos and comments that you’ve been leaving on Facebook and Twitter in the past week.
And above all, we’ve been energised by the most common question we’ve had this week – can I still do the challenge?
Our answer: a resounding YES.
We’ve had such a great response up and down the country and right across the world that we’re giving people the opportunity to Live Below the Line for any 5 days during May and raise even more money to support Restless Development’s vital work in fighting poverty. Now you’ve almost done the challenge yourself, you’re brilliantly placed to ask others to Live Below the Line. Why not go back to friends and family who you’ve spoken to about your experience, and ask them directly if they’ll take up the challenge. Fundraising can take place until 30th June 2012.
I hope that this is just the start of your commitment to ending extreme poverty. In my lifetime, extreme poverty has almost halved – it’s a problem we have the power to sort out. Why not get more involved in the charity you supported? Visit their website here to find out more
Good luck in the final hours,
Stephen & the Live Below the Line team I'm asking you, do you fancy giving it a go.  I'll help you in any way I can.  Go on.....think about it!!

Sue xx


  1. i think you have done brilliantly, it looks like you have a bit of food left,i think it has helped you that you are a good resourceful cook and can cook from scratch.

  2. you've done amazingly well xxx


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