Tuesday 1 May 2012

Itching to plant.........

I'm itching, itching, itching to get planting......but my raised beds are water-logged. 

I guess once I do get things planted I'll be screaming out for water as, YES.....here in Berkshire we have a hosepipe ban and there's no talk of them lifting it.  I have every bucket, wheelbarrow, water butt, pot, pan and dish outside catching this 'free for watering' water.  Everytime I have to use a bit in the greenhouse I refill the greenhouse watering can from one of the pots.

Actually I even have pots and trays in the greenhouse catching all the leaks, and I have quite a few, unfortunately not over the soil where it's needed but all around the edge!!

As soon as my water butt at the side of the house is full I divert it to the pond to get the pond level as high as I can for the fish.  Once it is drained I divert it back to the butt ready for plant watering.

....but I don't like to wallow in the mud !!

Sue xx


  1. Hi sue..we have got our spuds,strawberries and lettuce in..yesterday it was glorious..bit muddy but good to get out and do stuff...our 4 water barrels are full..our pond is about to burst its banks..hubby has plants all over ready to go in..its raining here again today..but nevermind..it is what it is..o and yes iris was out digging and worming yesterday..she loves the dirt too..poor fern missed out..

  2. Sue I'm just back from 1 of 3 medical appointments today and your "gardening/therapy" tile made me giggle: thank you! xxx

  3. I know exactly what you mean! We are on the border of Wiltshire/Berkshire and many of our country roads are flooded along with our garden. I long to get outside again - but hope has arrived in the form of the House Martins and Swallows. So soon, maybe, better weather will come. x

  4. It seems so crazy that the UK is in a drought situation. Where has all the water gone?
    Jane x

  5. Roads this morning were really bad so many on my way to work were flooded(im not that far from you)
    did you know you can use your hosepipe to fill a pond if you have fish in it.
    i feel like Steve wright with his factoids.

  6. We will have almost no room to plant edibles in our yard, but I am still thinking of getting a rain barrel attached to the garage or one of the down-spouts from the roof. We too are waterlogged this spring -- and we're a continent away!

  7. Sara - yes it was a brilliant day yesterday, got lots done - not like today !!

    fostermummy - giggles are good therapy in themselves - glad to be of help!

    Minerva - gosh I hope so, they're two birds I've not seen here.

    Jane - that's EXACTLY what I'm asking. We should be better prepared in this country.

    never too old - thanks, I really didn't know that. Our five little Koi carp will be thrilled.

    Alex - there's ALWAYS room to plant edibles - think outside the box......no, on second thoughts - plant in it!!

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  8. This whole 'hospepie ban' yet we are 3ft under water thing is rather laughable. Especially because it's not the right kind of rain. Last time I checked it was the pretty wet kind!

    Oh well, we are also itching to get planting but we've got to consider the late frosts (if there are any) aswell!


  9. Oh Sue I hope you can get planting soon.

    Sft x


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