Monday, 30 April 2012

Dogs and Flowers

We arrived back home last night with Sophie, who had been up in Scotland with Lovely Hubby helping his sister get Mum's house ready to go on the market.  A sad weekend for them.  I had a girly weekend with my Mum, a spot of shopping, a lot of coffee and a lot of memories.  We came back home with a truck full of bits and pieces from both houses, bits and pieces full of memories.

First thing this morning it was time to get my two little hooligans out of kennels, to say they were pleased to see me would be an understatement.

After a mad half hour running round the paddocks they settled down to lie in the sun.  Its been a calming day after a busy weekend.

Lovely flowers like the ones in the picture at the top are all around the house.  We finished this evening off with a walk through the woods trying in vain not to stand on too many Bluebells, it's looking gorgeous.

Sue xx


  1. Welcome home Sue. It's good to go away but always wonderful to come home!

  2. Oh the doggies ARE enjoying the sunshine...ah!
    Jane x

  3. Welcome home :) And thank you for your nice goat comments. You MUST get some...!! xx

  4. It is always a difficult time sorting out a home for sale - but esp when you are feeling bereft. I am sure your Mum is really glad of your loving support right now.

    Love and blessings x

  5. stand a while and drink in that caaaaalm xx

  6. Bluebells woods-a true gift of nature.

    Sft x


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