Monday, 16 April 2012


Remember this, my lovely little 10p car boot sale buy seed box, full to bursting with my packets of seeds last year.  Well this year I have two sets of seeds to store, my seeds and my Dad's seeds.  When Dad gave up the allotment he handed over to my safekeeping (and growing and eating) all his seed collection.

Well looking at how full my box was already I knew I would have to find an alternative storage container.

And here she is, a bigger version, also bought at a carboot sale a couple of years ago, a lovely rustic handmade drawer.  It was under someones stall with a handful of old chisels and spanners in it, I asked the elderly gentleman if the drawer was for sale and he was amazed, 'why on earth would you want that' he said,' just because it's so nice' I replied.  It has lovingly carved out little dovetailed joints and a neat ancient handle which had all caught my eye.   He smiled and said 'she's yours for a pound', so she is, all mine and I used her on my stall to display lavender bunches, I used her under the bed to hide away little bits and pieces and now...

.. with the addition of a few of Lovely Hubby files ...

... a few freezer labels and a bit of cutting out.

She's my seed store. 

Taking care of my seeds and Dad's seeds.  Bringing a smile to my face when I sort through the packets, bringing happy memories of car booting, planting and talking veggies with my Dad.

Memories in a one pound drawer - priceless.

What bargain lights up your life when you use it?

Sue xx


  1. Very thrifty sue..i have some old shoe boxes that i decorated with seed packets..sounds a mess but was great fun to do..and the flower seeds are you guessed it in a flower papered shoe box..

  2. That is such a brilliant idea Sue. Husband's seeds are all jumbled up in a tupperware box, he can never find which seeds he wants, and forgets what he's got because the packets are all mixed up together. I've got a couple of sturdy shoe boxes (thanks too sl.tudor!) which will be perfect for the job, along with some unused files, labels, etc, so that will be my project for this afternoon. Thanks again.

    Regards, Sooze x

  3. Fantastic idea Sue. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for to store my sewing patterns at the moment. Let's hope I'm as lucky as you have been. xx Susan

  4. Hi Sue, I'm pretty certain that the drawer comes from an old sewing machine table. I have one from 1912 (and old Singer) and the handle is exactly the same. I might just have to buy a new one plastic for the table and use the old one for seeds! Great idea.

  5. Lovely. I love my old printers' tray which houses a collection of corks. I bought it in a second hand shop in Brighton when I was 18 & put little ornaments in it but it looks great in the kitchen filled with corks now.
    Enjoy being keeper / grower of your dad's seeds x

  6. It looks nice and is so well organised...great job Sue :)

  7. Brilliant idea Sue, it looks great! You've inspired me to get my seeds all sorted now. :o) xx

  8. Amazing idea and looks absolutely lovely!

  9. What a lovely idea Sue. I love how you see the seeds at a glance too.


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