Sunday, 22 April 2012


Time to plant the strawberries in their new bed I think!!  This wonderful little picture reminded me that they are lying abandoned in their temporary troughs since the move.

They look healthy though after all this rain.

Hey ho hey ho it's off to work I go.

Sue xx


  1. I had to buy new plants this year - just put them out a little while ago.

    Here's hoping for strawberries this summer :)

  2. I have just planted 6 strawberries in my new fruit cage. They are designed to take me through the whole season. The first two have now got flowers. Thought 6 would be enough to begin with as I know they have lots of runner babies.

  3. We had to buy some new plants this year..they are looking good..going to pop them in soon..

  4. Ours were very good at the allotment last year. Hope you get some good fruit from yours.

  5. Going to relocate all ours to a different section of the garden this year. All the runners I potted up recently are looking lovely and strong with all this rain.

    Karen x


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