Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's the Happiness Revolution

Lots of folk have been doing this and who am I to stand in the way of a revolution!!

Ten Thing That Are Making Me Happy at the Moment

1.  It's the growing season again and I've got the first of my veggie seeds planted in the greenhouse at last.

2.  There are flowers popping their heads up all over this new place of ours, we were told to watch out for bursts of colour and to be slow with the weeding (I'm very good at being slow with the weeding!!).

3.  Suky is snoring under the desk as I type this, she has brightened my days recently with her funny little ways.

4.  Lovely Hubby.

5.  My family, all healthy and well at the moment.  We should never take this for granted.

6.  Blogging Buddies, that have helped me through tough times.   You make me very happy when you pop by and even more so when you leave a comment to show you've been.

7.  Sunshine, she keeps popping out from behind the clouds, I wish she wasn't so shy at the moment, she keeps scurrying away again.

8.  De-cluttering this new place.  With everything that gets popped in the box ready for car-booting I have a little more space, a little more surface, a little more room to breathe.

9.  Blogging, both writing and reading, I really am in a good Blogging place at the moment.  I have found some wonderful like-minded souls out there, all over the world.

10.  My books, I have lots, I am just starting to regain my joy of reading again, I do find I have too many on the go, but I love them all.

Pick up and run with the Happiness Revolution if you haven't already, and even if you have, do you have ten more things that are brightening and lightening your day?

Sue xx


  1. O so lovely to see you happy...i don't have 10 reasons to be happy..i just am..happy to still be here,happy to be a mummy to 6 beautiful children,happy to be married to my gorgeous hubby,happy with all i have in my life...
    happy,happy,happy..thats me..

  2. O bloody hell i forgot..happy to have 3 amazing grandchildren and be blessed with another grand-daughter due in a few months
    bad me

  3. Hi Sue, if you know anyone with a Costco card they sell Aveeno a heck of a lot cheaper, I think I got 3 big tubes for less than the cost of one....

  4. What a lovely list - thank you for sharing it - just reading it brightened my day xx

  5. I enjoy reading other people's makes me happy!
    Jane x

  6. Hi Sue, I am another "Sue", but comment as No 6.....just letting you know that I have been! Reading you for a couple of weeks now....via another blog ( can't remember whose!)

  7. Hi Sue, I am another "Sue", but comment as No 6.....just letting you know that I have been! Reading you for a couple of weeks now....via another blog ( can't remember whose!)

  8. I can't remember if I let you know that I had awarded you the sunshine award .... it's my age - sorry! xx

  9. A wonderful list Sue! So glad you joined the happiness revolution!

    Sft x

  10. That's a great list and reminds me of more happy things. THanks for sharing.

    Arwedd xx

  11. Lovely list Sue. I'm very happy at the moment & it feels great !

    Question - RE all this digging over I've been doing to re grass the garden, I'm now going over with a fork... what next ? rake then flatten the soil ? I haven't got a roller.
    We've had lots of rain & I want to get the grass seed sewn quickly
    ( and hope we don't get a hose pipe ban or do get more rain ! )

  12. I love this. You inspire me to write a similar post, hopefully I will get round to it.


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