Sunday, 15 April 2012

And so it starts......

And so it starts.... my growing season that is.

Yesterday I emptied the greenhouse of rubbish and old pots etc, and then weeded out everything I could reach and dig up, washed down the windows inside and out and generally made it a much happier place for working and growing in.

Before, this side was full of nettles and other weeds, we dug them out covered the ground with cardboard and then topped it with the dry used up old soil from the greenhouse beds.  Nutrients sucked out by years of use, it should come to life again in the future, but I needed fresh vibrant compost full of life for my little plants to thrive now.

Before - well after sorting out all the absolute rubbish, but I forgot to grab the camera at first!!

After - clean glass, washed down staging and the first couple of Lovely Hubbys barrows of compost, brought all the way from our old place in the trailer fresh this morning.  Made by his own fair hands, well with a bit of help from a couple of thousand worms, and full of well rotted manure.

Pots unpacked and ready for action.

The outside view of my domain, to the left my tumble down, rickety old shed and to the right the brand spanking new four bay oak framed garage frame, under construction over the Summer by our Landlord.

Todays task .... can you guess.... planting!  I'll be unpacking  the toilet roll inners and the seeds and we are off!!

What are you up to this fine Sunday?

Sue xx


  1. I was going to ask what that lovely wooden structure was for !
    Gleaming greenhouse all ready for your little rolls of goodies.
    Does the cardboard compost down ?

  2. That all looks so much better, can't beat a good clean up. I'm concerned about that garage though, won't it put your greenhouse in the shade? (unfortunately, not much you can do about it though).

  3. How exciting - you make it sound so easy but I can imagine the hard work that goes in xx

  4. That greenhouse looks HUGE! I will be doing similar things to you today, planting in the greenhouse and prepping the raised beds.

  5. Penny - the cardboard rots into the soil really quickly after planting out but lasts just long enough to give the little seedlings a good start in their own compost nest.

    Data - Yes, it will shade the greenhouse a bit, but the position of the greenhouse means it will still get sun for most of the day, luckily!! As you say there's not much I can do (except use some of the garage for storage once it's up :-) ).

    Mrs Thrifty - I just get on with things, if you think about them it always seems much more work than just doing it!!

    Deco - It is a bigger greenhouse than usual, normal width but twice as long, you can put an additional door half way down to keep one end warmer, but I'll leave it as it is. The lady that used to garden here held the national collection of fushchias I've been told, and had lots of different types of greenhouses for different stages of development, this is the last surviving one, her ashes were scattered somewhere on our land just before we moved in - I wish I knew where, I would plant a fuschia there if I did!

    Sue xx

  6. oooh what a fab set up you have in the greenhouse! enjoy pottering and potting your seeds. glad you had such a great day out meeting Alys too :)


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