Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter....or do I mean Christmas.........

Happy Easter....or do I mean Christmas.........!!

This year, in true frugal fashion we are mainly eating chocolate Santas for Easter.  What is the best bit of an Easter egg, well in my opinion it is the biting into the hollowness of it.  All year we can chomp our way through bars of chocolate, squares or triangles (yes, we're Toblerone addicts in this house), good solid chunks of chocolatey loveliness, that it has just been announced on the news IS GOOD FOR US!! 

But what comes out at Easter (and yes, as we are proving also at Christmas) lovely hollow chocolate that snaps delightfully into weird and wonderful shards of delectable goodness.

When Approved Foods announced lots of retail packs of Chocolate Santas available a couple of months ago, at a ridiculously low price I wasted no time at all in sending for a box for us.  Of course I bought lots of sensible things more chocolate and some yummy Cheese and Onion crisps.

  Must dash I think we have a couple left in the fridge........

Happy Easter, and remember it's not just about the chocolate!!

Sue xx


  1. Ha ! Enjoy your Santas ! Joe remembers the times when he had loads of eggs from family- he yearns for those times ( he is a chocoholic ) Now one solitary egg awaits him when he ( finally ) gets up. It cost ten quid ! I said we'd have been better off buying ten on offer chocolate bars ! But you are right - it's the whole hollow thing.

    Happy Eater Sue. I know it's sad for your family right now but Easter is a time for new beginnings and I can't think of a better example of your new venture with lovely hubby xx

  2. Lol Sue,brilliant!xxx

  3. I love this, its such a genius idea, once the wrapper is off its all the same chocolate! x x

  4. Well done for keeping them until Easter!
    I bought some hollow chocolate shapes in the Jan sale, hoping to keep them until Easter.
    Are we eating them today? No they are long gone!
    Happy Easter

  5. Happy chocolate eating Sue!

    Am so loving reading about your new home, and husband was very impressed with your raised beds and tyre pots....and even more impressed with the Man Shed! Will email you soon with an update on our (ever more precarious) home situation :(

    Regards, Sooze x

  6. So true - sad how many people forget the real meaning of Easter. Def not just about the chocolate! Happy Easter

  7. Happy Choccy Easter/Christmas!!!!! My boys do their own things at Easter (Motor bikes at Brands Hatch!!) but when they were younger we always had a full-blown Christmas dinner on Easter Day!! I kept up the tradition from my childhood, but can't for the life of me remember how it started!! Suspect it could have been because Chicken was a rare luxury and Mum may well have had a Christmas pud spare!!! But I enjoyed it!! Have a lovely chocolate flavoured weekend!! love heather x

  8. Simple marvelous!

  9. Unfortunately, I don't think Easter (or any other Holiday that celebrates Jesus) is a time for chocolate, colored eggs or marshmallow bunnies. It's a time to give Him thanks for making the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live with Him forever.

    Have a Blessed Easter.

  10. my favourite bit is the curve...almost the same as the hollow because you don't get curved choc any other time
    ps as I'm "next up" from Colleen's comment I feel I must just say that we all celebrate and say thanks in our own way, for our own blessings...and heaven knows nobody deserves choc more than you right now, be it a Santa or anyone else!

  11. You could have melted them down and moulded them into new shapes! ;)


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