Saturday, 28 April 2012

Panic Peanut Chomping

Can you count how many little birds are queuing for the last of the peanuts?

(if you need to make the picture bigger, simply click on it)

Clue - there's one less in the second picture!!

(That's if I've got it right....Lol.)

Don't worry I've been out and got them some more, supplies will soon be back to normal in all the feeders and fatball holders, no more panic peanut chomping for our little feathered friends.

Sue xx


  1. I am going blind ..... I can't see any birds xx

  2. I love watching the birds. So entertaining. A simple pleasure.

    Sft x

  3. You reminded me our fat balls have all been eaten! baby blue tits have been fed on the fence every day this week and scoffed the lot!

  4. Had to blow the photo up and now I see them - ah the joys of ageing! xx


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