Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Weekend

The chickens have settled in well since the move, no problems with them or with Mr Fox, although he has been spotted.   Living on the edge of the woods like we do there must be many of his relations around, but our girls are safe behind their electric fence.  We currently have 8 large laying girls (7 Hylines and one Light Sussex) and 4 Lavender Pekins (Alice was busy in the henhouse laying when the picture at the top was taken this morning).  We are hoping to get another 18 in the next couple of weeks.

Poppy and Daisy

 Poppy is still the smaller of the two with Daisy being the same size now as her mum and Alice.

And what comes after the chicken.....why the egg of course......all our Pekins are now laying eggs, with Poppy's and Daisy's now the same size as their bigger relatives.  We enjoy them most days, delicious scrambled and divine with mayo on a bun, I also make a lot of quiches with them to use up odd and sods in the fridge in a tasty way. Pekin eggs have larger yolks than larger laying girls eggs and are so very, very tasty.  Thank you girls, your efforts are appreciated.

The Man Shed has had a nifty addition (in Lovely Hubby's opinion), a rather loud bell, he rings it to announce the finish of work for the day, the need for liquid and more solid refreshments, because he wants to hear it ring and sometimes just because he's passing it.

There were a few questions in the comments section yesterday, so I will try and answer them over the course of the next few days.  If you have any more questions, leave them as comments after this post and I will add them to my list for answering.

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter, let's hope the sun stays out and we can all have a lovely break, I think lots of us need one.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for the update about your hens Sue!

    We buy eggs from our neighbours and they have delicious yokes!

    May I just congratulate you both on how much you've achieved so far.

    We have a little bell in our cottage garden too.

    Sft x

  2. Oh I do so want some hens... yours look gorgeous. I just love the 'nifty addition' - made me laugh out loud! think i shall get me one of those x

  3. Hi sue..gosh the girls have grown..the tots are surprised at how big they are..and were laughing at the one huge egg..
    The nifty addition is great..i have one like in pig style that signals
    have a lovely easter

  4. Happy Easter to you to Sue x

    Good to catch up about the hens and see all those eggs - fantastic! I am gobsmacked at how much you have accomplished in your little green heaven, esp. with your life distractions. Hope your well Sue x

  5. I hope your chickens continue to stay safe and out of reach of Mr Fox.. we have been lucky in the 4 years we've kept ours and had no visit from Mr Fox.

    You can't beat the taste of your own freshly laid egg can you! We sell our excess at the garden gate and they are very popular.

    I do love the bell your hubby has on his shed.. won't show my hubby it might give him

    Hope you have a good Easter Sue. xx

  6. I do so love the bell!

  7. Lovely to see everyone settling in. You've reminded me of my best friend when I was growing up. They had such a large rambling house & garden that her mother had a gong for mealtimes !


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