Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Goodness a Treat!!

A bit of a play on words in the title today!!

Last time Lovely Hubby went back to Jointers Farm to pick up another load of our homemade compost (we have permission to keep going back to get it) he pulled up the last of my home grown leeks.  Wow...there were a lot, (the ones in the picture above are what's left after making the soup) they had over-wintered very happily in the raised bed near the lavender plants, but now they needed pulling up and using.

He wasted no time at all when he got back in making two vast pans of soup, one Leek and Potato pan and the other using some of  the leeks with a few cups of basic soup mix.

 It's still for sale here at 25p a bag!! 

 We used about half a bag of mix to get a HUGE pan of soup, two meals for three of us (Jason's staying here at the moment) and the four icecream tubs in the photos to pop in the freezer.

I still have some of the leeks left over so I am deciding what to make next, maybe a couple of pies or quiches that can also be put in the freezer, it's a shame not to use them all up while they are so fresh.  I will make something and freeze it for my 'Live Below the Line Week', after all you can use your own homegrown ingredients as long as you cost them in properly.  I think one of my bags of soup mix will be included in my purchases too, you can't go wrong for 25p can you!!

Well that was the 'goodness' part of the title and this is the 'treat'.  I sent in a little order to Approved Foods last week and somehow I 'accidently' ordered some little Chocolate Bunnies...... well....all my Chocolate Santas have gone now......I wonder where they went.....she walks away looking skyward and whistling !!

The 'Eat Natural' bars are a brilliant buy at the moment from Approved Foods, I seem to have 'accidently' ordered 4 boxes of them too!!  Oh well they are good to pop into LH's lunchbox, and better for him than Mars bars.

While it's raining outside today I am going to read through my Remoska booklet and recipe book, I really need to start using this lovely little kitchen tool,.  Everytime I go to cook a meal I put the oven on without thinking.... and I need to think ....... all this electricity usage is going to be mounting up, I need to get back on track with my frugal ways.

Sue xx


  1. Those leeks look amazing - clever you xx

  2. I make leek soup with lentil, its cooks quickly and is delicious. Give it a try.

  3. Mrs Thrify - I know.....blush,!!

    silversewer - There are lots of lentils in the mix, plus when we moved I tipped half a jar into the soup mix jar as well!! So the mix soup was very leeky AND lentily and as you say DELICIOUS!!

    Sue xx

  4. I must get back into making soup - yours looks amazing !
    Great to be able to go back & collect those lovely leeks & rich compost x

  5. Leek and potato soup is one of my absolute favourites. Your leeks make our crop look anorexic. We'll try harder this season : )

  6. Funny how the hand slips on the "add to cart" button isn't it!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE leeks , they are so expensive here I eke them out in pies.
    Jane x

  7. Looks sooooo yummy! I can't let leeks go to waste. If I have any left over, I chop and mix with olive oil and put in small zippies to freeze. But alas, I have to buy mine but yours are abundantly free. Maybe that's why I am such a miser with them?

  8. The soup looks so yummy Sue. Could eat a bowl right now on this grey wet day. Make some leeks in cheese sauce. It freezes really well and tastes great.

  9. oh gorgeous leeks!

    I had a short hospital stay a while back and ordered leek and potato soup for my supper, thinking it might bear a smidgeon of resemblance to the one I make myself...alas when it arrived and I prised the lid from the plastic cup, I thought that they'd left the dishcloth in there by mistake! A watery grey gruel that tasted of...grey!

  10. I love the soup. I never thought of putting soup mix in with lentils. I'll have to make some.

    I bake cakes, scones, and cook all sorts of things in my Remoska. I have cooked a smallish chicken for husband in it too.

    I buy those partially baked rolls from Aldi and just heat them up a bit if I've run out of bread. I sometimes forget and they burn, they cook really quickly, so little electricity. If I hadn't had my microwave already, I could have managed without, other than things like heating milk for coffee etc.

  11. What great leeks you grow, I can't get ours that big yet, but I'm working on it.

    And as for the choccie bunnies... well a girl has to have a treat doesn't she.. lol xx

  12. They are the fattest leeks I have ever seen! Mine look like twigs! They just refuse to grow... Any hints? ;)

  13. Please do a blog on your remoska. I bought one 4 years ago and have hardly used it. I know harduphester uses hers regularly but with no recipes, just to cook chops,steaks, chicken and sausages etc. +I have the large remoska with the two shelves to heighten food cooking. Ide love to hear about your experiments with yours, theyve got to be more exciting than what ive done with mine. Kind regards.


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