Thursday, 5 April 2012

Back with a bang......

Well I'm back, with a bang..... and a fizzle and a whimper. 

Nothing seems quite real at the moment.  Time is moving so strangely, there's so much to do and no inclination to do it.  I'm sure lots of you know exactly how I feel.

We have the raised beds in place now, they've been built and partially filled since these photos were taken.

The tyres around the edge hold our fruit trees and bushes.

The fruit bushes are in front of the office building and the trees are parallel with the Man Shed.  The empty tyres will be used to grow things that need the extra depth, parsnips, carrots etc, while everything else will be grown in the raised beds.  Lovely Hubby has one more wooden bed to build, but we decided to use all the recycled plastic beds from my old polytunnel as the main beds at this house.  We will build 'super dooper special beds' when we reach our forever place.  This next three years is about recycling, re-using and re-purposing and not paying out for what we don't need to.

I finally made these last week, Damson Gin, Damson Brandy and Damson Brandy Jam, Lovely Hubby's eyes lit up when he saw them lined up on the work top, but we will wait a few more weeks for the alcohol to mature, the longer you leave it the tastier it becomes.  In the meantime he can eat the jam, he'll be a happy chappy!!

I must say a big THANK YOU to Fostermummy for these gorgeously cosy knitted socks, I recently won them in her giveaway........

.....a good excuse to sit with my feet up and admire her wonderful handiwork for the day.  She's a very clever lady, they are beautifully knitted.  After much admiration they are going to be put somewhere safe until the colder weather returns and then they will keep my tootsies cosy inside my wellies, I may just use them over the next couple of days though as Winter seems to be banging at the door again.

It's nice to be back, thanks for all the lovely comments over the past couple of weeks, bear with me if I get a bit sporadic or go off piste slightly, it's still quite hard.......I've lost one of my biggest fans.

Sue xx


  1. be gentle with yourself- you deserve it
    ps love love LOVE the socks!

  2. Be patient! Your mojo will come back slowly, and one day you'll look back and your days will be seeming more "normal" in a new way, but normal.

    Just a thought, could you do something in memory of your Dad? Perhaps one of the raised beds be known as your Dad's? What was his favourite vegetable? Perhaps grow that in his honour? It may just help you get back into the swing of things. xx

  3. Thanks Elaine. xx

    Nice thought Claire.....but I don't need to do anything special in memory of Dad.....everything I grow, everything I plant, everything I harvest and everything I store will always be in his memory, he (and Mum) taught me everything I know, I taught him things too, we did it all together and that's how he will live on, in all my living things.

    Sue xx

  4. You have been busy Sue. I know life goes on as usual and I know what you mean about time moving strangely.

    When I lost my beloved Dad, and things were carrying on as usual it just seemed so strange. I remember one day a few weeks after we lost him, it was Spring and the birds were singing and I was walking our old boy Rex at the time, and it suddenly hit me that Dad would no longer hear the birds singing and I sobbed to myself. Was so glad I didn't meet anybody on that walk.

    Like the old saying, it does get easier with time, you'll never forget but the pain does lessen over the years and you can remember with a smile instead of the constant tears.

    Take care of yourself my lovely. xx

  5. Oh it's nice to have you back - you were missed - I hope life will soon feel a little better for you but it take's time, my Nan's been gone 14 years now but I put the Archers on the other day and she was back here with me whistling the theme tune just like she used to, when I with her as a child.

    Some times, memories of the daftest things are the memories that bring them back to you in an instance - Take care xxx

  6. Hi sue..big hugs from your 2 smallest biggest fans...and me..
    take your time sweetheart..
    lots of love

  7. Lovely post and gorgeous socks - glad you are okay (if that word fits - doesn't seem right, but I am sure you know what I mean). I love the raised beds and what a clever use for old tyres - we had loads of them at the bottom of the garden when we moved in here and paid to have them recycled ... wished I had had your thinking cap on at the time. xxx

  8. You are greiving, it doesn't go away overnight.We all understand.
    Jane xx

  9. Take care of yourself, its such early days x x

  10. Your garden is looking fantastic,how easy is it to get hold of tyres? and how do you make the damson gin and brandy?

  11. Nice to see you posting about your gardens etc. I guess there will be good days and bad days, and there is no time limit on grief is there.

    You guys amaze me with your achievements in no time at all.

    I have spent a lot of the week scouring a greenhouse at Tree Farm.

    We have some sad goat news I'm afraid, I will post about it soon, it's still a bit raw at the moment.

    Love Charlotte

  12. Welcome back home! I love the look of the raised beds etc!! Take things gently. with love Heather x

  13. welcome back hun ....hugs xx

  14. Wow you've worked hard during sad times.
    Ok. I may have lost the plot here somewhat (sorry !) can you recap why you moved (such a lot of work) and what your future plans are please ?
    ( when you get time !!)

    Sorry !

  15. Blimey, wish I could move as fast as you and Hubby getting things done around the place!
    I love the idea of using the tyres for fruit trees/bushes and will be following thier progress etc.
    My brother has his own garage and has to pay for removal of tyres, that was until a local allotmenteer asked if he could take them off of his hands!

    Have a peaceful weekend,
    Hugs, to all,

    Sandie xx

  16. I am in total admiration - wowee. Much respect.

  17. The beds are looking amazing.

    Take things one day at a time and remember a day off is nothing to stress about.


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