Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Little Remoska

Well my Remoska is actually the Standard version, you can also get the Grand Remoska which is obviously larger and suitable for bigger families,  The Standard is suitable for 2 - 4 people and I think the Grand for 4 - 6 people.  There used to be a 'Baby Remoska' too but that is unavailable, shame I bet it was a little cutie!!

I bought mine from Lakeland just after Christmas when I had a money off voucher and decided to treat myself to something useful.  After three years with an Aga and the joy of permanently having a heat source I was determined not to go mad wasting electricity by the overuse of the electric oven in this new place. Since I mentioned it on a Blog post the other day I've had a few comments and emails asking me to explain what it is and how I use it.  Well if you pop over to Lakeland using the link in the first paragraph they will explain what it is better than me.  But I will tell you what I have used it for up to now.  Starting with last nights tea, which was a 'make it up as you go along' type of tea!!

It was Veggie Sausage Casserole (of a ricey type).

A jar of homemade Garlic and Tomato sauce was emptied in then 6 veggie sausages, two for me, four for Lovely Hubby (yes, he guessed they were veggie but ate them anyway).

I added half a cup of rice... decided it looked too orange...

...so I added some broccoli thatwas lurking in the bottom of the fridge.

Then I popped the lid on and turned it on, this is the easy bit, there are no temperatures to choose from you just turn it on and you're off.

I packed away all the bits that I had got out to photograph to show you...

... they live here directly over the cooker, handy and ready for use.  The main Remoska sits happily on the cooker top always ready for action and to remind me to actually use it when I'm planning a meal.

I didn't take a picture of the actual casserole when it was ready, LH came home from work late and it was slightly too cooked, but it was still tasty. I had added some frozen peas after the rest of the casserole was almost cooked and then dropped in some pre-cooked stuffing balls to warm up in the sauce for the last five minutes (or what I thought was the last five minutes!!).

This is what I actually have -

The Standard Remoska £109.99

Standard Remoska Pan Separator £18.99

Standard Remoska Rack £7.99

Shallow Pan £31.99 (it comes with the deep pan)

Remoska Cooking Book £9.99

So you can see it was quite a major investment for me, but it's one that should last me and providing I use it often will repay me quickly with saved electricity.  It simply plugs in to a normal socket and is portable and lightweight enough to use if you go on holiday, either in caravans or self catering cottages etc.  There is minimal washing up as the lid just needs a wipe once it has cooled down (that is where the heat source is) and the cooking pan can be popped in the sink with the rest of your pots.  I cut myself two bits of teflon cooking sheet to pop in the bottom when I am baking so I don't have to grease it.

I bought the Pan Separator so I could do both veggie and non-veggie dishes simultaneously, I usually put Lh's meaty bit in it and leave the veggie casserole or sauce underneath.

I have also used it to cook

Jacket Potatoes
Bread Rolls
Meat Stew

I will keep on trying it out for other things and I may even use one of the recipes from the book when I get round to reading it!!  I think I will try a cake recipe next,  Frugal Queen had some brilliant ones on her Blog the other day, I'm very tempted.

(I must point out that this IS NOT a sponsored post or an advert for Lakeland or Remoska, merely in answer to lots of your questions, a pleasure to do, thanks for asking them.)

Sue xx


  1. It looks fantastic but I'm in awe of the fact that it lives over the cooker and is still in use.
    I'm WAY too short to reach anything that height without a chair so it would never get used if it lived there in my house!

    xx Susan

  2. Haha.....only the extra bits live over the cooker, the main bit it out and ready for imediate action.

    I'm not as tall as you might think, this bungalow has very low ceilings, so much so I bump my head on that cooker hood if I'm not careful!!

    Sue xx

  3. I have had a remoska for over 10 years. I bought it when we had a caravan that did not have an oven. I have cooked all sorts in it and as there are only 2 of us I often cook our Sunday supper in it.

    Makes great scones and cake and also rice pudding, toad in the hole and omlettes or fritatta, experiment you will find lots of things you can do in it.

    I also have a panasonic combi microwave, I only ever use the hot plate on the cooker now. I can cook a whole chicken in it in half the time it takes in the oven and it stays lovely and moist.

    Enjoy using it.......

  4. I've been hearing about them,but had no clue what they were. Thank you!
    Jane x

  5. green and orange meals are always my fave- and Mark always knows when its veggy stuff but eats it anyhow!

    I went to Lakeland yesterday as a real treat I bought myself a new cake tin with little loose bottoms (!?) that does 12 mini sponges...and then I bought a new whisk...sandwich boxes...cool bag...and had to escape quickly before I spent all my hard-earned ££s. I never knew there was so much stuff I'd managed to live without!

  6. Looks really yummy - sounds a rather amazing device xx

  7. I can agree with everything you say Sue, about the Remoska. I am fortunate also in having the baby one, which I bought extremely cheaply off Ebay as it didn't have the chrome base. I use the cooking rack from the Standard size to support it. You are right, it is a sweet little cooker, the lid is not too large and is easily placed down on a worktop. I cook a little cake directly in the bottom of it, just putting a non-stick thingy at the bottom.

    I am very embarrassed to say I also have a large one which I also bought very cheaply on Ebay. I had the idea of cooking two fruit loaves in it. The lid rattles a bit with what sounds like ceramic beads when you lift it. It is living in the garage at the moment, it's a huge beast but although it works well, I'm not sure if I could sell it because is sounds funny.

    I make scones, cakes, roast potatoes, heat things up, do those part baked rolls and lots more.

    Everyone, if you buy one you will never regret it. Be careful where you put the lid as it can trash the flexes of anything near it and also melt any plastic you leave. I speak from experience.

  8. I am SO jealous! Why does this product only seem to be available in the UK and surrounding countries? 'Cause I want one!!!

  9. I have both standard and grand sizes and have used them for bread, cakes, homemade sausage rolls, rice casseroles, fish, bacon (for butties), rice pudding, jacket potatoes and many more dishes. Tarte tatin is very easy and tasty. We use them on our boat trips as they only consume low power through the boat DC:AC invertor. Several friends have bought their own having been impressed by mine. Amazon now do a similar model called Koolatron which has a variable temperature control and is slightly cheaper. I agree with the warning about having a good safe 'landing space' for the hot lid when you take it off to stir or add ingredients. Another tip is to use foil to cover the tops if it is browning too quickly.


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