Monday, 9 April 2012

Bank Holiday

It's a Bank Holiday weekend, so what does it do in this rains, it always does, there's no point in getting upset about it.  We have a hosepipe ban here in Berkshire and Lovely Hubby has just re-planted all my lovely Lavenders from Jointers into their new bed by the house here, so I for one am definitely NOT complaining. 

After giving them a good drink from a watering can after planting we are now letting nature take over.   Lavender likes to be neglected, ignored and generally left to it's own favourite sort of gardening.  It leaves me to get on with growing the food, which needs attention,  nurturing, watering, thinning out and looking after in general.

So today after I get back from a spot of shoppping, I'm gritting my teeth and playing a Joker, we are sorting out the greenhouse.   This picture isn't mine it's a Google pic, I Googled 'tatty old greenhouses' and this was the nearest image to mine.  I'll take before and after shots to let you see the actual state of it when we start, at the moment it's raining much too hard to go out and get a photo.

We started the day well with a delicious cooked breakfast of fresh free range eggs on toast with home produced bacon for LH and all the scraps for the lucky dogs, that way when I get to the supermarket I will have a satisfyingly full tummy and will not be seduced by offers and bargains of things we don't need.

The reason for the supermarket shop.......we need a big stock up of fresh fruits and veggies to keep us going until our own produce is available.  We feel as though we are coming out of a tunnel of fast food, junk food and food grabbed on the go, and we need to get back to our healthy eating days of last Summer, so one big shop should get us sorted.  Mostly fresh things and some frozen fruits and veggies too and I won't have to darken Mr Sainsburys door again for a long, long time.  I also have £24.41 available on my Nectar card so that will be deducted from my shopping bill - happy days.

What are you doing this rainy Bank Holiday Monday, or do you have some sunshine, I hope you do.

Sue xx


  1. Bank holiday rain here too ! Hubby's last day of a regatta but with 24 miles p/h winds plus, me thinks it'll be off !
    It's the first day of Food Week in our village. A cake fest in the Church hall will be fine but not the live bands playing in the pub gardens which we were going to. Lots of cafes / restaurants participating with lots of activities all week - a foodie's Heaven !
    Good luck with the tatty greenhouse & I look forward to seeing your pics x

  2. Great post Sue - I too saw the rain and thought eugh! Then I realised that the herbs and pansies which are sat on the table ready to plant will be getting a lovely drink and I smiled. We had a huge bonfire yesterday to help with the clear-out and if it clears up we'll go for a walk ... if not ...mmmmm.... #3 and beautiful girlfriend are coming for tea so we'll probably get a game out xx

  3. Hi Sue, I'm going to strap myself to the sewing machine, take in food, water and a bucket and not come out until I've finished the chuffin' thing! Rain is good xxxxxxxxxx I've big butts to fill

  4. Can't complain about the rain here in the South East! We need as much as we can to water plants and fill water butts.

    How many jokers do you have left?

    Great work on tackling that greenhouse, looking forward to the photos.

    Sft x

  5. I am going to read and crochet while my hubby and his friends build a trampoline.

  6. Sounds like your village is THE place to be today and for the rest of the week Penny, especially the Cake Fest!!

    We are having a bonfire tonight to burn lots of things we have finally sorted out and we found our Scrabble so maybe we could have a game too instead of tv tonight Mrs Thrifty.

    Haha.....I have big butts to fill too, I don't think this half hearted drizzle will do much to top them up though, I need to re-read some of your water saving tips Froogs, we are metered now, and every time I see water going down the plughole I think of you shouting at me from the sidelines for being so careless!!

    We have 4 Jokers left, for more information on the Challenge, pop over to the 'Saying No to Supermarkets' page at the top of the Blog. I'll get some photos this afternoon for you Sft.

    Sounds like a good plan Deco Cat, but you must have a go on the trampoline just to test it out!!

    Sue xx

  7. It's raining here too so I'm using it as an excuse to sit on the sofa all day (I'm naughty!)

    Have a good day x

  8. No Bank Holiday here in Ontario, Chris is tapping away at the computer in his office and I have a pile of ironing to do. It's dull,windy and chilly here today so I won't resent being stuck inside with the ironing so much.
    Jane x

  9. Well having rung the shop in question I went there with three pairs of trainers (one had one laceup and one velcro in the box so obviously a big error there) I wanted a refund even though I bought online and was assured on the phone that I could have one, on arriving I was told I could not and had to post back at my own expense - never mind, it will all sort out but what a waste of time, petrol and parking - not very frugal. Apart from that I have had a lovely day, I love the rain and getting my hair wet and as you say, the garden needs it - it smells lovely and fresh. I have just cleaned the oven and feel very pleased with myself!

  10. Feel so sorry for the folk on holiday, but we do need the rain!!!I have a new water butt to fill too!!! Lovely day for baking - son No. 1's wedding cake!! Top and bottom tier done,and well 'watered'(!!) before storing it, middle tier is sponge so will do that in a panic the week before the wedding!!! Not so much rain tomorrow please, I need to get my washing dry!!!! Soggy love, Heather x


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