Wednesday 23 May 2012

Gearing up for the Diet

Today we're gearing up for the slight change in diet, lots of totally inappropriate food has been thrown out (don't panic most of it is out of date and not useful to anyone else).  We are determined to step off the processed food conveyor belt.  Now that most of the initial planting is done I will have the time to cook from scratch all the time.  No more convenience meals, well not bought ones anyway, we have lots of our own, Soups, Mediterranean Veg selections and things along those lines  safely tucked away in the freezer ready for those days when you just can't be bothered.  And admit it we all have those!

The chickens enjoyed the sun yesterday, luckily it looks as though they are going to be getting another day of it. They use the houses for shade when it's hot, and the only thing they are missing is a good dust bathing area, although they have made themselves a little one in the old Eglu run.  I must do something about this today.  The new girls are very at home now and although still timid around me, the logistics of the flock has been sorted out and they are all happy together.

I am going to play a Joker today as Lovely Hubby has managed to eat his way through most of the meats that we had in the freezer and as much as I would love to support the local butcher, he is expensive for bulk buys and after weighing up the pros and cons I  decided yesterday that I really should, mostly for the sake of my purse, darken the doors of the local Supermarket.  As if to persuade me even further .......

.....  Mr T*sco sent me some more vouchers to add to the ones already lurking in my purse.  In total I have £18.50, should buy me a lot of dead animal flesh  sorry I mean meat!! So Mr T*sco is paying for most of my shopping then.

The diet kicks off tomorrow and I'll be plotting our menus and recording our daily thoughts etc over on my other Blog, nip over and have a peek from time to time if you're interested.  I simply want to keep menus etc seperately so will continue in my own inimitable fashion to record our normal day to day activities here. No doubt the two will overlap occasionally but you are a very forgiving little band of readers that I suspect are getting used to my wild and wacky ramblings.

And for that I THANK YOU.

Sue xx


  1. I should certainly be interested in your veggie food and I'm getting a bit fed up of thinking of food for husband. I would love to lose half a stone, so I can look haha, sylph like for my son's wedding at the end of June!

    How lucky you are to have some space for hens, although husband doesn't like them, coming from a farm, he thinks they're a nuisance. However, if we were able to have them I'd overrule him. Our house is on land that still has a covenant (or something) on to say no livestock.

  2. I forgot to ask, I don't know if I am being dense but I can't find the link to your other blog. What is it called?

  3. The phrase 'going on a diet', should be banned from the English language. All you need to do is stop eating junk, and eat more real food, just as you plan to do. Best of luck with that.

    At the moment Tesco have a double up offer on for vouchers, available in some departments. You can also get more for them if you spend them in their rewards scheme. You only get face value for them if you use them for grocery shopping.

  4. This is great. You are doing what I tell myself to do everyday but get lazy. Good luck and I will follow along hoping to get some encouragement from you.

  5. I am going to have a good look at this diet - it sounds like our kind of thing. Good luck with the dead animal shopping (lol) - I sometimes have to do it for our boys although I am never happy about it and have become quite adept at disguising quorn. I agree with Meanqueen about banning the word diet, although the actual meaning is just what someone normally eats or drinks. The word now has so many negative connotations .... off to look at that diet again xx

  6. Love the chicken photo...think they are having a natter.
    Jane x

  7. My other Blog is 'How Low Can You Go', simply click on the question mark cucumber on the right hand side bar (near the top).

    Thanks for the tips Ilona, but I got a bit dazed when I hit T*sco and just grabbed what I wanted and got out of there as fast as I could. (Not frugal at all.) And yes, this 'diet' is a lifestyle really, as you say the words 'going on a diet' are bandied around much too much!

    Real Food is the way forward.

    They were definitely nattering Jane, you should have heard all the noise.

    Our New Life in the Country

  8. Very excited for you both. Hoping to pick up some lovely veggie meal ideas.

    Love the sound of your pasta sauces.

    Sft x

  9. A fresh food fast food diet. Try to say that quickly! Quite right too :)

  10. I don't know if you have been to Tesco's yet but they have Quorn on offer at the moment.

    Good luck for tomorrow Sue.

    Sft x


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