Monday 21 May 2012

The Unveiling of a Tribute

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Blog while I've been away, it's been nice to sit and read them now I'm back.

While I was in Manchester, my younger son, Jason came to see us (he lives in Preston), to reveal his tribute to his Grandad. 

After a bit of research he had found his Grandad's name Sydney, originated from Saint Denis, a martyred saint that was beheaded during the persecution of Christians and yet marched on with his head under his arm preaching for another 6 miles.

One of the original statues of St Denis (pronounced Di-nee).

After asking around he managed to find a highly recommended tattooist who could put his ideas into action and translate the image from the photo of the statue onto his arm.  He has always wanted a tattoo (possibly since I had mine done)  but did not want something just run of the mill, he wanted something really unique.  After careful consideration he went ahead with his plan, and, spread over two weeks this brilliant artwork took shape.

It's not quite fully healed yet but you can see already how well the tattooist has captured the image.  A wonderful tribute to his Grandad and a very original tattoo.

Sue xx


  1. Wow - that was a very skilled tattoist that did that - looks amazing :) and what a great tribute :)

  2. Wow. Preaching is hard work under normal circumstances, I am not sure I could manage to do it whilst holding my head in my hands!!

  3. Not a big fan of Tattoos but I can appreciate the skill that goes into them and as a work of art that is amazing

    As for ST Denis 6 miles?? Yes right sounds like a typical bloke always exaggerating lol


  4. Wow! I have 2 tattoos.

    And I think it's each to their own.

    As a tribute to his lovely grandad, you must be so proud.

    Sft x

  5. I wonder what your dad would say !

  6. Lovely comments - thanks.

    I have 2 tattoos too Sft!!

    Penny - Dad would be slightly over-awed that one of his Grandsons has done this in his honour. He was SO proud of both of them, they had a very special relationship.

    Sue xx
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