Friday, 1 June 2012

The Veggie Patch

Beautiful Chives, happy in their tyres.

Yesterday I finally remembered to take the camera over to the veggie patch to take some pictures.  it looks really good now that we have managed to get all the wood chippings down, although they are sharp on the old knees if you forget your kneeling mat.  Everything seems to be growing well in this wonderful sunshine. I love my little patch.

An overview of the patch.

Strawberries in the bed closest to us.  Lettuce, Mixed Leaves and Radish in the wooden bed to the left with Salad potatoes at the far end of it.

Mange Tout Peas with their twiggy supports, and under the net tunnel my Spring Cabbage.  Closest to the camera Main Crop potatoes.

Beetroot, inter planted with Radish at one end and Turnip at the other.

In the foreground - French Beans with Mixed Leaves and Spring Onions in the bed just seen.

A bed of Carrots.

Lots of planting done and just about enough space left to plant out what's ready in the greenhouse.  I am intending to fill any spaces with radishes and other quick growing crops.  This year I want to plant along the lines of filling all the soil to deter space for weeds, a la Alys Fowler and everything she spoke about when we went HERE for the day.  Better more food for our tummies and for storage than having to spend time weeding every day.

Off to potter in the greenhouse for a while, I'll show you what I've been up to in there tomorrow.

Sue xx


  1. your garden looks amazing and so organised, im off out to my little garden now - you've inspired me, thanks :)

  2. Hi, I've just found your blog and I would like to ask you a question if I may? About your veggie garden, where did you get the net coverings over the veggie plots? We plant a garden every year and have a problem with birds and squirrels eating (or putting nasty holes in) our tomatoes especially. Did you make those or is there a place to buy them? I live in the US (north NJ) so we're just getting our veggies planted. I hope you don't mind me asking. Look forward to your reply. Thanks

  3. That does look incredible - I am impressed and just a little, only a little mind, jealous xx

  4. It all looks lovely and growing very well..from small seeds do big things grow..

  5. Wow! Your veg garden is fabulous! I love the chives in the tyres, such a great idea I may have to "borrow" it

  6. Your veg patch looks absolutely wonderful Sue, well done! Ours is a lot more, 'rustic', shall we say ;-). But whatever it looks like, it does the job and is very productive, thanks mainly to Husband, bless him. It's clear how much work and love you put into yours.

    Regards, Sooze xx

  7. You have acheived so much in such a short space of time ...looking great !

  8. Your garden looks so well tended, I`m envious. Mine is a constant battle ground with the bind weeds trying to strangle everything. As I`m the only one to maintain it I find it hard work with my arthritis. I wish my partner could help somewhat. But his back is bad and will not take this strain. I have potatoes in the ground and the red onions, that`s all. Had not much luck with the rest I planned to grow.

  9. Wow! what a fab looking veg patch. Inspires me to wonder if our small back yard could be put to the same use.

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I pinned you on my pinterest and loads of people have repinned, i hope they've been coming to visit your blog too :)

  11. I'm suffering from Veggie Patch envy here. Your garden is amazing! My chives have struggled this year for some reason.


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