Friday, 22 June 2012

Birds and Cats

The bird feeding station has been full of families of birds for the last few days, as all the chicks reach adolescence the mummy birds are bringing them to feed on the peanuts and fat balls that they are still needing due to this strange weather at the moment.

On warm sunny days the place is quieter with the birds gettng their fill of insects and other wildly gathered food. But on cooler, wetter days they reappear again.

And get their fill of the yummy things on offer. That is until a certain someone shows his face....

... Archie knows exactly where to hide to wait for a tasty snack. I am jumping up and down like a yoyo in my office chair at the moment, so I can bang on the window to give him a shock every now and then, so he jumps and looks round and gives away his position, and then the mummy birds can gather their young and retreat to safety.

Sue xx


  1. Archie is very handsome! My mums cat looks just like him.

  2. I saw a stray cat kill a chipmunk the other day...boy that cat was fast!
    Iane x

  3. Ha ha Gomez does the same - I think I'll buy him a bell xx

  4. I love the little songbirds too, but also have two cats, so the feeders have to be up high and outlittle of the cat's reach. I love the kitties, but they can be a danger to the birds!


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