Friday, 29 June 2012

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it simple is the only way for me now.  Slowing life down is so easy in the hotter weather, and yes, we get the occasional hot blast of sunshine even though this Summer has been a bit of a wash out up to now.  So many areas pretty close to us got terrible weather yesterday with torrential rain threatening to wash things away......poor Compostwoman springs to mind for a start, see her post over HERE.  But in our little corner of the world we basked in gloriously hot sunshine, dare I say it.....just too hot to work in.

I strolled over and collected the eggs from the henhouses early so they didn't sit in the heat for too long, of course this means lots of trips backwards and forwards to check for more later in the day, but it's no hardship to wander over to Chicken World and watch what the girls (and boys) are getting up to.

Then it was back to the cool of the kitchen for a drink, keeping an eye all the time on the shade creeping round thanks to our giant Bay tree so I could get down to some serious weeding in the flower beds near the house.

The kitchen is looking simpler too these days, we are getting back to a minimum of what we need, no extras or excess just enough to live simply......... the way we like it.

What have you done to simplify your life recently?

Sue xx


  1. it all got a bit exciting during the storm, but n real harm done thank goodness!

    but if I grew in the ground in the polytunnel I would have lost a lot of crops - so glad I don't!

    Plans afoot to lay a drain around it - this is the second time a flash flood has gone that way (last time was 15 years ago!) so obviously need to do something about it -= not worth the risk

  2. The biggest thing I think to keep it simple for me is saying "No", not always easy to do but makes life simple

  3. Good question Sue.

    The eggs look good and the gooseys are so much bigger than the last time I checked!!

    To make my life simpler I have... ermmmm... mmm.... I can't think at the moment. I will have a think and let you know!


  4. Mmmm now let me see - I think I need to get on to that one - good thinking xx

  5. A simple life is definitely the way to go. I've been making time to craft and enjoy the garden more. A simple life doesn't necessarily mean a quieter life - I'm as busy as always - but I try to keep on top of housework and chores so I don't feel overwhelmed by the tasks I need to do.
    I read Tsh Oxenreider's 'Organised Simplicity' earlier this year. It was good, and although I couldn't be quite as ruthless as she suggests, her methods make a lot of sense. An uncluttered house really does lead to an uncluttered mind. :)


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