Friday, 15 June 2012

Lawn Mowers and Cherries

Here's Mother Goose, the hen and her little Goslings, now happily ensconced in the Eglu, this gives them much more space to move around for the moment.  They are growing very quickly, well I guess they have to if they want to end up looking like this ..... just a couple of months.

They eat soooooo much grass and anything else they can find, clover, weeds etc.  Proper little lawn mowers, so much so that I have to move the Eglu around half way through the day so they can be on fresh grass.  We are even thinking of bringing them, in the Eglu closer to the house to keep the grass here in check and leave the grass in Chicken World for the other chickens.

It's raining here, yet again, so after checking the chickens I will be in the greenhouse, planting the next round of veggie seeds.  We are currently eating Lettuce, Mixed Leaves, Radishes and Pea Shoots from the Veggie Patch, not so good, we already had lots more of our homegrown foods on the menu by this time last year.  The Strawberries are still small and green, and the Cherry Tree has the amazing crop of.........ONE CHERRY.  If it's still there I will go and get you a picture of it, every morning though, I go over convinced it will have been eaten by something overnight.  Luckily I don't like Cherries and Lovely Hubby will be able to enjoy it all by himself.

The strange weather (and my lack of poly tunnel) has a lot to answer for.

Sue xx


  1. Hi sue..ooh the girls are in love with the goslings...our cherry tree is packed with them..i like them but not that much..and i have some serious polytunnel envy going on at the moment..maybe we will invest in one if the weather continues to go crazy...

  2. We haven't managed a lot of homegrown veg either. I think the weather has a lot of the blame this year. I have polytunnel envy as well, Sara : )

  3. I'm really trying to send sunshine to poor rainsoaked UK...I'm feeling guilty about having so much sun.
    Jane x

  4. I think everyone is struggling with their crops this year. I`ve given up on my garden for now as the bind weeds have taken over, again. I just can`t win. I have potatoes and red onions in the ground but have not been succesful with my other things I intended to grow. I shall have to do some weeding round the onions to let them survive. As we are going on holiday for 3 weeks I`m not bothered about the rest.

  5. Phew finally caught up.What an amazing journey you have had.My cherries this year are non existent too.I have picked the sum total of 4 cherry tomatoes.Rather sad .


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