Friday, 8 June 2012

A Wet Week

The rain has been coming down steadily all week, along with the cooler temperatures it has not felt a bit like Spring.  The only thing that is benefitting from all this wetness is the pond, the level has gone up nicely, and all the lovely pond lilies are bursting into flower and the pond life is thriving.

We have all sorts of life in and around the pond, insects of many varieties, frogs, toads, newts (including loads of babies) and our five main residents the Koi Carp who are flitting backwards and forwards having the time of their lives.  It's a shame the pair of ducks didn't stay but I think the pond was just too close to the house and the noisy barking dogs for their liking.

The greenhouse is looking good with half the tomatoes in situ......

.... well I thought it was half until I potted on the tiny seedlings and discovered that, as usual, I have planted far too many.  I see lots of bottling going on in late Summer, preserving the goodness that is the lovely taste of tomatoes for long into the Winter months.  We have just a few jars left of last years harvest, in the form of sauces and simple tomato juices.  Not bad timing, we should just about run out at the fresh fruits appear.

As you can see my little greenhouse guard dog was in fine form when I was working in there the other day.  It's always nice to have company when you work.

Sue xx


  1. Your pond does look lovely. I've always loved water lilies as my parents had them on their pond. Here they attract beaver who love to eat the shoots, so find the lilies and you'll find a beaver to watch.
    Jane x

  2. All looking wonderful.As you already know im quite a novice in all this ,would you be able to share your recipes for the sauce etc. Im hoping to have a large crop this year.

  3. It's all looking good Sue. Your pond is lovely, my water lilies are putting up buds now, when they flower I will take some photos.

    Why do we always sow too many Just love your guard dog.
    Julie xx

  4. Hi Sue Your pond is looking lovely,Hubby bought me a water lily last year for our pond,but it has had no flowers yet,it has leaves though so heres hoping :)x

  5. Your tomato sauces always look delicious in your greenhouse.

    Sft x

  6. The pond looks gorgeous.
    I have grown too many tomatoes too, but the weather has been so dreadful that they are looking very sorry for themselves. pray for sunshine.


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