Saturday, 23 June 2012

Living Simply

I'm hoping that by the end of Summer this year we will have jettisonned completely all the unnecessary clutter in our lives, and have left in this house just enough to let us live comfortably and happily.

In the back of my mind I am already planning the next move and I am determined that we will be able to pack up and move so much more easily with just all the necesary things we need to make our lives enjoyable.

Even after the clutter busting season we had last year there still seems to be 'things' that just sit there, grinning at me from the back of cupboards, some things that are just pretty but do not seem to have a use. 

Well let me tell you 'things' ....... sometimes pretty just don't cut the mustard!!

Sue xx


  1. I'm constantly planning our move - I've eliminated so much clutter that hubby jokes I'd be good to go in half a day! :)

  2. How on earth do you get in the mindset to get rid of things.I always think i will keep that just in case.
    I want to declutter but cant bring myself to get rid.

  3. We recently went to look at a house to buy and although it wasn't the house for us we realised with our meagre amount of furniture we don't have enough to furnish a house- I think Bruce must have more stuff in the tackroom than we have at home!

  4. Every time I read your blog I'm inspired to make changes to my life. Decluttering is something we desperately need to do and now it's school holidays I'm realising why! xx Susan

  5. Oh my, that sounds like a challenge and I am in!!! I am determined to reach my 10,000 things OUT before the end of the year, but I would love this to be by September when the new school term starts. Good luck with yours xx

  6. Thanks for the encouragement- my loft needs to be cleared for re-insulating by august 1st!!
    William Morris "have nothing that you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful"
    I am sure the man was right but find it hard not to keep something"Just In Case"
    weekend blessings

  7. Tough job but you certainly seem to be doing well with all your decluttering. I struggle with those things that have sentimental attachment even if I don't use them. All other things I try to use, especially the pretty things!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  8. You are an inspiration...I may be moving house in the near future, and will need to de-clutter, which I seem to do about every six months or so. Best of luck reaching your goals.

  9. I have a lot of things and can't see myself ever getting rid of too much but I do admire you !

  10. We're going through a major decluttering getting our house ready to sell it and move. I'm still keeping too much, but maybe when we unpack at the new place, I'll be able to get rid of more!

  11. It really is liberating to downsize and clear out all the unnecessary belongings! We are doing this now, getting ready for our move into the camper but we have done it before, a few decades ago. I love a good clean out and give away!

  12. I'm slowly decluttering, much to hubby's

    I keep thinking, if ever anything happened to me and hubby our poor son would have so much crap to sort through it wouldn't be fair on him, so I must do something now.

    Julie xx


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