Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Young Un's

As promised yesterday here are some pictures of the Goslings as they are now, getting bigger literally by the day.  When they stand upright they are as tall as their Mum, she's a Hyline Hen by the way, their adoptive Mum.

I wanted to get a picture of them standing up, but what happens when you want to take any picture of any animal standing up......yep....they sit down,

They look all independent sat there on their own guardng the newly filled water hopper, but in reality Mum was just under the henhouse next to them and so they were happy and relaxed.  They were having a preening session as Geese do, by throwing water over their backs and then sorting out the feathers, or fluff in their case.  It's a good job some things are instinctive, as a hen, their Mum would not have taught them to do this.

Other developing news one of our Lavender Pekin Bantams (the one at the back of this photo), bought at the same time as the Goslings is not what she appears.  It would seem she has a bit of Frizzle blood in her genes, and what we thought of as a bad hair day is simply her style of feathers.  She looks very cute with it though and her name has become 'Fluffy'.  Aren't we a soppy lot here on the farm (inserts big cheesy grin).

Sue xx


  1. I love them!

    Lol at the bad hair day :)

  2. oooh the Goslings are adorable ! ( shame they have to grow up )

  3. Awww so cute, I agree with BadPenny it's a shame they have to grow up!

    And Fluffy is adorable too!

    I love your soppiness, please dont change :o)

    Julie xx

  4. Sue, those gosling are just gorgeous! I want some!! x

  5. Oh they are so sweet - I want one lol xx

  6. The Young in Rick,Neal and Vivian?
    Jane x

  7. How absolutely adorable -- each and every one!


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