Friday, 15 June 2012

Highlighting a Very Special Little Blogger

Picture from Veg's Blog - Her lunch on 12th June.

Just a quick little post to highlight a very special little Blogger. 

'Veg' posts every school day with pictures of her school dinners, and her ratings for them.  Her Blog NeverSeconds was rudely interupted when the local 'powers that be' decided to ban her Blog, or rather the photos she puts on.  Normality should soon return, they have had to reverse their opinion due to popular demand. 

What harm was she doing!!  She's raised thousands of pounds for charity.  A clever and inventive little girl, she has my utmost admiration.

Sue xx


  1. I also read that today, Sue. Big Brother comes to mind....but the people fought back and won!

    Good for her, if it helps to improve the standard of school meals (and some of the 'meals' she's shown are unbelievable). And I'd noticed she's actually quite upbeat, fair and complimentary about the meals most of the time, it's not like she was constantly slagging them off.

    Sooze xx

  2. I also read this and reposted it on Facebook. It is amazing that last night when her dad posted, it seems she had raised "nearly £2000" for Mary's Meals, but when I made a little donation earlier today, she had got well over £11K. I think she is doing a fantastic job and I am sure all the money will do wonders at Mary's Meals, as it is a very worthwhile cause. xx

  3. Hi Sue
    Please pop over to my blog I have something to give you
    Julie xx
    ps. I won't be offend if you do not wish to accept :o)

  4. I am glad she can keep recording those meagre school dinners and raise funds for such a worthwhile cause.

  5. So glad she was reinstated. Those meals do look revolting though!

  6. I heard about this, and am going to have to read her blog--THANKS for the link!

  7. I linked that to my Facebook Sue. Someone commented she was an annoying 'tot'. I say, good luck to her and good she is showing an interest.


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