Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Smallest of Crops

One of our Cherry trees in all it's glory.......can you see the crop for this year?

You do have to look close!!

It's going on Lovely Hubby's dessert tonight......I'll show you the finished dish tomorrow!

And yes, it has been nibbled at by something, but he won't mind, after all he is getting to eat the whole of our Cherry crop in one go.

It's on a par with our smallest ever Melon crop in 2009, yes, that's right that is a Melon sitting in the egg cup!!

Sue xx


  1. Ooo lovely pic's. Can you tell me why the trees are planted in the tyres? I haven't seen that done doubt there is a good reason. All looks very lush and healthy where you are .. I couldn't live without a bit of green.
    Hope hubby enjoys his cherry crop!


  2. When we moved we had to dig up the trees, we found that luckily they had remarkably small root systems, so we thought we might be able to get away with planting them in tyres, then when we move again in just under three years they can come with us without being disturbed too much.

    Fingers crossed it goes to plan!!

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  3. Oh, go on! Admit it! That's not a melon - you've shaved a gooseberry! :-)

  4. Oh, what a shame. Nice pics though.

  5. Mmm, I love sherries, oh sorry and Cherries!! I hope he savours it, lol.

    Arwedd xx


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