Sunday, 17 June 2012

The One with the Cherry on Top

As promised, here's the picture of our entire crop of Cherry (yes...singular) decorating Lovely Hubby's dessert last night!!

He loved it, and even saved the stone for planting, who knows it could be the start of a Cherry Orchard, I can just picture it now....row upon row of Cherry Trees each bearing one cherry.

Happy thoughts on a sad (for me) day.

*** *** ***

 Dad's ashes are here contained inside a lovely little wooden casket, nestled safely inside a bed built to match our raised beds.   It was an idea from me, lovingly built by LH and with flowers chosen and planted by Mum. When they bloom they will be lovely, a sea of yellow and white with a couple of little lavenders from me to Dad.  The main flower is a Yellow Rose called 'Icecream' Dad would have loved that!!

  It's Fathers Day here in the UK and Dad's everywhere are waking up to a card and a hug from their children.  I used to phone him every year, if I wasn't there with him.  We always chatted briefly about this and that and the love we shared could be felt although we were miles apart.  I could feel his smiles and imagine his twinkly eyes as we spoke.

My Dad is here with me and safe, but I can't give him a hug, I can remember him with love and wish like mad he was here but it hurts at the moment, so much.

I was looking for a jokey gnome for LH at Dad's favourite garden centre after the Memorial service last week, and instead found this.  The only one that was there, Mum and Dad were brilliant dancers, they were nicknamed Derby and Joan, so it had to come home with us.

Derby (Dad/Syd) and Joan (Mum/Joan) dancing in each others arms forever in the guise of gnomes, now that would have brought a smile to my Dad's face.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there, give your Dad an extra hug from me.

Sue xx


  1. I'm sure your dad is smiling at the one cherry too !
    We don't really " Do " fathers' day. I told Roddy he could go dinghy racing & added " Oh, you do that every Sunday " !!
    We have a friend's husbands 80th birthday celebration to go to this afternoon & there will be lots of Dad's there.

  2. I'm sorry for your sadness but it has to be and altho it never goes, somehow it gets easier to bear.
    Another first milestone now passed.

    Mark and I have a wry little joke on commemorative days such as these that we'll pop over and see the mums and dads...first stop the crematorium and then the cemetery, and though stones are at these places bearing their names (such comfort to touch those names) I know their real resting places are here in our hearts.

    Love the Single Cherry Celebration

  3. thinking of you. i'v been to the cemetery to see dad. now off to run race for life in memory of him. love to all dads today. love Claire x x x

  4. Don't think about what you are missing, think about all the things you shared with your you end up laughing.
    Thinking of you.
    Jane x

  5. ((Hugs)) Sue ... What a lovely little memorial you have there for your Dad. It's always painful on special days, but it does get easier to bear as the years go on..

    Oh by the way.. you beat me with your single cherry.. our tree, which we planted last year, did have 5 cherrys on it but they have rotted off so no cherries this year! Fingers crossed for next.

    Julie xx

  6. we have ONE fig on tour tree this year. Soon I shall harvest it. I don't feel so bad now i have seen your solitary fruit! x

  7. That little memorial is so lovely Sue - is it in your garden? Hope LH enjoyed his precious cherry!

    Sending hugs

    Sooze xx

  8. I am sorry it was such a sad day for you today, I bet your Dad was having a laugh at the dancing gnomes though!!
    Trust LH didn't get indigestion after THE cherry!! You cherries seem to grow the same way as my raspberries - singularly!!!
    With love Heather x

  9. That's a beautiful tribute to your father. And what a lovely idea to do the little garden for him


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