Saturday, 9 June 2012

A while ago I entered a Giveaway over at Sarah's Blog ........and I was lucky enough to win it.

So look what turned up in my mailbox this week, all the way from Australia, I'm so lucky.  It's a lovely book and when I get back from taking my Mum home this weekend, I'll sit down with a big mug of coffee and look for inspiration to make Lovely Hubby a special vegetarian meal to celebrate us being back together.

We don't like to be apart, but it's worth being apart sometimes so we can enjoy being back together all the more!!

Simple pleasures. 

Thank you Sarah for my book and for paying to send it all the way to England, I'll think of you and raise a glass to you as we tuck into meals made from it.

Sue xx 


  1. What a lovely giveaway. Many years ago, when a German pen pal of mine moved to Australia, she sent me a couple of vegetarian recipe books, one of which was quite unusual and had things in I'd never be able to get hold of but I still have it.

    These alternative recipes give you ideas you might not otherwise come across.

  2. O lovely..a giveaway winner..i bet they are a good read..i won a hamdmade mama doll with a baby in a sling..its got pride of place on mantel in the living room..i don't like me and my hubby being apart for too long either its feel like my right arm is missing after a while..but i have to get used to it as he starts anew position at work on monday..fulltime so its going to be wrench...but good news is he finishes at 6 and will be home in time to see the girls and get any outside jobs done...i have anice bottle of bubbly on ice for todays lunch to celebrate his promotion...

  3. Oh! How perfectly wonderful! I was just thinking over the weekend that assuming the post has not lost it, you should be receiving the recipe book soon. I'm so glad to know that it arrived to you safe & I cannot wait to see how it inspires you in the kitchen. ;) Enjoy!


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