Thursday, 21 January 2010

Inspiration Windowsill

Today I just wanted to post some pretty pictures. After yesterday with the loss of one of my chickens I feel down.
I sat at the computer to trawl the internet for rules governing selling your own handmade soaps, it's a veritable minefield of regulations, my brain was spinning, so I fired off emails to try to clarify things and spoke to various people on the phone (who all tell slightly conflicting tales), I'm no clearer now than when I began. Is there anybody out there who can simplify it for me?
I tried to do my accounts (woohoo I'm up to July 2009 now!) but the brain was not in gear, so I tidied my workroom (well hid everything in the cupboards) and wiped down the windowsill. I tend to put things on there to give me inspiration......well it's not working. I haven't made a single thing this week.
The trouble with crafting is that you have to be inspired to begin. If you just sit down and try to do it, it won't work, well not for me anyway. If anyone has seen my crafting mojo, please send her back to me, she seems to have gone on holiday (somewhere warm and sunny I hope) lucky thing! Sue xx


  1. Try the fridge, I always put things in the fridge... In fact, maybe that's where my wire-cutters are...

  2. I do hope your crafting mojo comes back, not too tanned...maybe you need a bit of warm sunshine now. I know I do! x

  3. your crafting mojo is with my arty mojo in the Carribean !

    Your windowsil looks a lot cleaner than my windowsil - wwwaaa !

    and husband says ..." I dunna ken wit ya mean hen ! "

    PS.. don't know about soap... but are we allowed to sell our eggs ? ( hens' of course ! )


  4. Hello Sue , so sorry you lost your dear hen. Your mojo will be back before you know it.
    Bertie x

  5. Your windowsill is beautiful.

    Bertie x

  6. Hi Sue, you're bound to still feel down hun as she was one of your babies. Your windowsil looks lovely...just how I imagined it to look. Sue x

  7. thanks Sue - 49 hens ??? try 4 !

    och you wee hen xx

  8. Oh she'll be back, don't look for her, shes just peeing ops!!!! peeping round the corner.

  9. Ready? Set? Catch!!!! I have propelled gobs of energy cross the pond to you!

  10. Hello dear,
    sorry your crafty mojo left. I found a fun crafty blog that made me craft crazy, Currently making burp cloths for a cousin's baby. There are lots of fresh ideas. I think up next for me is the interchangeable jeweled watch band. What are you in the mood to craft? Would love to know. Chin up,and HUGS!!!

  11. Oh Sue, the dreaded crafting Mojo disappearance, I am sure it will return just when you least expect it and more than likely when you have the smallest amount of crafting time available!

    I have been doing exactly the same thing this week with regards to soap regulations and the only thing I have discovered is that it costs £150 to get a certificate to sell soap and another £150 to be allowed to sell bath salts and another £150........ and so it goes on. If you find anything further, I'd be interested to know too! I'll email you with links that I have found.

    Your windowsill looks lovely, your crafting mojo is clearly still there, just not manifesting itself in the way you want it to.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Sarah x

  12. Your windowsill looks lovely, really pretty.
    Hope mojo comes back soon and that you're feeling a bit better,
    BH x

  13. Dear Sue,

    Hello! I am so sorry I have MIA for so long, I kept trying to catch up and failing.

    Anyway, it is nice to be back and although I haven't read everything I am crossing my fingers for your husband having done a good job with Betty!! And am very sorry to read about the sad news too. xx

    Re soap - I am SO thrilled you mention it. I was thinking of going into a spot of soap making myself and like you have been a bit baffled by everything.

    I have never made any so am a total beginner. Do you have some experience yet?

    Shall we learn things together??!

    Love Charlotte

    ps lots of bird feeding going on here now, they love my pastry scraps from baking sessions and have had a lot of Mike's Alpen (but sshhh, don't tell him that!)


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