Saturday 16 January 2010

Quiet Saturday

We woke up to find the snow had vanished in all but the most sheltered of places.  The rain was falling and the track was awash and all the ditches about to overflow.

I headed off for the Farmers Market at Tetsworth and LH stayed fed the pigs and chickens, then retreated to the dry, warm house for a morning of paperwork.  The market was quiet with not many folk venturing out in the horrible rain, it dried up slightly later, but I suspect most people still have stock cupboards with goodies over from Christmas and from their bad weather stock piling of foods, so did not have the inclination (or possibly the cash) to come shopping.

We stall holders bought a lot off each other and gave the few folk that turned up the best customer service they had ever received.  I have many plans for new items for the stall and sat thinking and re-thinking of these whilst I had the time.  A good day, if a slightly quiet one.  We are off out now to our local Prezzo for a meal cooked by someone else for a change, leaving the house in the capable hands of Sophie who is sat watching as I type just as in the photo above.

Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue,
    Look at that cute Sophie. Sorry to hear the market wasn't great, at least you can put it down to the time of year. Thanks so much for the lavender and goodies which arrived today, it smells gorgeous and I shall look forward to using it.
    Hen x

  2. Oh, the mud after the snow is never fun ..... I so love the photo on your blog header.

  3. the sun is out & I have my raised beds frames ready - but I have a headache from hell - Sod's law. Hubby is off laser racing in what they call the Frostbite series - Brrr . Teens still in bed of course.

    Enjoy your meal !

  4. haven't been by in a while, love your header photo,

    Gill in Canada


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