Tuesday 5 January 2010

Getting colder........

The sky was an almost scary shade of red as the night turned to day this morning, although the picture above was taken after it had taken on a more gentle hue. It originally looked as though the world surrounding the farm was on fire. It made the world seem somehow threatening and I'm thinking maybe it's a warning I should take seriously.
I will be thawing out the car and going to the shops later, although we have things over from Christmas, we are running short of essentials here on the farm. I need bread making supplies and milk.
While we are there we will be re-stocking Jason's University larder ready for our trip up the motorway to Preston at the end of the week. It has been nice having him home but the time has almost come for him to return to his studying and hard work. His Masters course is so much harder than his initial degree course and he has to put in many hours of research and work, so I think he has welcomed the brief respite that was Christmas here on the farm.
As I type it is 8.20 am and I have left the chickens in their little house for longer than usual this morning. They will be warm and cosy in there, snuggled together on their perches, once out they will be busy looking for food around the farm, getting colder all the time.
Yesterday I left the shed opened for them, silly, soft old me.....they found a hole in the bag of layers pellets made by a mouse and gorged themselves. Lovely Hubby will be looking at them in a whole new light if they put on too much weight, he is always joking about putting one of them in the pot......at least I think he's joking........!
Sue xx


  1. Chilly pictures - expecting our first snow today & I'm so excited ! Please allow me to be a bit excited -though I'm sorry for all you frozen Northeners - but we get about one day of snow here on the South Coast !

    How much food should I give the hens ? They look healthy and three out of four are laying.

    At the mo their hodder ? is full of layers mash pellets & oyster shells. I give them a healping of porridge ( about a normal size person portion ) with corn sprinkled over first thing and again about four pm.

    Also a handful of corn through the kitchen window !

  2. The sky down here was eerie red/orange on the horizon too...like bad penny looking forward to a bit of snow not too much mind...things to do. Mind you a distance of 30 miles can make a difference to snow amount down here, or even 10 miles come to think of it, my Father lives in Brighton he gets 10"...further along we get 4".

  3. oops - Oxfordshire isn't very " North " is it !? but I suppose it is from here - any further South and we'd be paddling !!! xx

  4. I love your blog, not only because I felt we have a lot in common when I started to read through it, but because it's so beautifully presented too. I'm a born and bred Mancunian too, but have since moved 200 miles north and now run a sheep farm with my husband in north Northumberland (near the Scottish borders). I also have 40 hens, 4 dogs, a cat and an autistic 10 year old daughter! And I'm totally in love with them all.

    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous farming year. Crystal Jigsaw xx

  5. I think your feeling of foreboding may have been well placed Sue, especially if this is true:



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