Thursday 28 January 2010

Bestest Friends

Archie and Rosy side by side in Sophie's Bed. Our animals show no respect for who's bed is who's or from which water bowl they should be drinking or which food dish contains who's food.

Archie and Sophie (on what used to be my sofa, now claimed by the animals).

It doesn't help that Sophie the Border Collie eats Whiskas cat food mixed with Pedigree Chum dog mixers (she has refused to eat dog food since being a puppy over 10 years ago) or that Archies favourite snacks in the whole wide world are Gravy Bones dog biscuits.

Archie looking pretty in the grass.

They all, especially Archie, love cheese and onion crisps and if you refuse to give them one will inhale your breath for the last vestiges of flavour. Of course they all think our food is the best and would quite happily sit down and eat a full 'human' meal. her own bed!! The dogs are both trained not to steal foods and usually are very good, but Rosy being a puppy will sometimes give in to temptation, and aided and abetted by Sophie who is tall enough to reach onto the coffee table, will sometimes pinch the odd biscuit. But you can tell by the expression on her face the first time she sees you after the crime has been committed, that she knows it was wrong and she will never do it again........ever!!

A relaxed Sophie. The dogs and Archie are now developing a taste for the chickens main dinner of layers pellets and as the chickens tuck into breakfast each morning it is not unusual for the dogs to go and get a mouthful. Whenever we throw salad trimmings out for the chickens Rosy is there too tucking in with gusto to peppers and cucumber slices, if ever a dog could go vegetarian it is Rosy, she loves salad leaves and as of yet, we have found nothing that she won't eat and enjoy.

Rosy on Sophies other bed! The funniest sight is of her with a chip! You give her a chip and she hunts it and kills it, just like a cat would a mouse, why chips are treated like this I have no idea but it's very entertaining, and Sophie looks on in disbeliief that a piece of potato is treated this way and not just gulped down.

Toby, following me from the barn.

Of course there is always the exception to the rule. In our case his name is Toby, he is a cat, he eats cat food, and only cat food, he sleeps in a cat bed, his bed. He will come in to eat his food and go and see if his bed is available, if some other member of the family has got there first he will calmly walk out of the room through the catflap and vanish to his outdoor spot of choosing, it was the barn, now it is currently under some pallets on a bed of straw. He will return later to see if his bed has been vacated and if it has, will make himself comfortable and go to sleep.

Toby, our Cat!

The other animals all show him the utmost respect (including the pigs and chickens). He is firm in his identity.....HE IS A CAT.....the head of the house and we should all remember that!!

Sue xx


  1. Jeez, Toby sounds like one balanced individual. People pay fortunes in therapy to get the kind of attitude he has!

    In my house we have to take it in turns to share the sitting room every night. One evening it is Nobby and Delilah the cats (Mike's cats) the next night it is Humphrey's turn (My Humphrey!) Tonight is rabbit night, hooray!

    Love Charlotte

  2. Oh Sue this is so funny - I think Toby & Bramble have been talking !

    I want to try one of the cats with a chip now -but I'm pretty sure Billy the fat git would just scoff it down !

  3. I was at our neighbours rcently where I saw one of their cats asleep in the rabbit cage - WITH the rabbit!!

    And here, we have to blog the sofa and chairs every evening to stop our 2 dogs having an overly comfortable night.

    Rosie x

  4. I love dogs! Not sure about those felines though... although yours do look very regal compared to our scurvy bunch.

  5. Ahhh those look like happy pets! I loved your chicken and egg pictures further down the blog :)

    Mel xxx


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