Monday 25 January 2010

Shock News - Man Gets Pig Pregnant!!

My view this weekend has seemed to mainly be the one above.
As for the title of this post........all my fingers and toes are crossed for this to be the news. For the first time ever we used AI (Artificial Insemination) to try to get Betty in pig (pregnant). If this has worked, in three months, three weeks and three days she should be the proud mother of at least eight babies!!
The daddy's name is Orlando (Gracebank Orlando 2 to be precise) but Lovely Hubby actually did all the hard work!! I'm so proud of him, pity he banned me from taking actual photos of the event, but I was needed to 'persuade' Betty to stand still, quite difficult when she weighs as much as me and is trying to eat my wellies whilst being inseminated!!
Sue xx


  1. I'm keeping fingers toes & trotters crossed for you exciting little piggies ! xx

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  3. Boy, that's exciting!
    Can't wait, hope it works.
    Happy day!

  4. Hello Sue
    Your name came out of the hat (well, jug actually!) for my Pay It Forward :-)
    Send me your email address, or your postal address in a comment - I'll keep it private and won't post your details on the blog!
    Happy Days,
    Denise x

  5. What a lovely neat and tidy time til little Betties - all the 3's! Will keep a few digits crossed here for you too, how long before you will know anything?
    Sarah x

  6. Hi Sue, there is no way on earth I would have ever been able to get my hubby to do that job! So well first time! Sue x

  7. Oh how exciting Sue, I'll be watching with interest. I hope it all goes well for you and Betty.
    Bertie x

  8. Romantic moments in the pig pen :)
    Here's to the patter of wee trotters soon.


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