Wednesday 27 January 2010


At last all the Welsummers are laying!
Four Welsummer eggs.
And what lovely eggs they lay too. Each has her own distinctive colouring. Obviously I would have to spend many hours waiting, and following them around to see which lays which coloured egg, so I am happy just to note that I get one of each on most days.
Yesterdays eggs.
The White Star Hybrids are still laying, not every day as they used to but most days, so at the moment out of ten birds I am getting an average of six eggs, which at this time of year and taking into consideration the age of the White girls is very good. White Stars are chickens that would normally lay white eggs, but it is the 'hybrid' part that has switched them to laying brown eggs (they have Welsummer in their blood). Well I'm a happy 'eggy' person anyway.

The eggs in the fridge at the moment. We have just ordered another Hen House from the company we got our original from as we have decided to get another 24 birds next month. They will be White Star Hybrids again hopefully, once again rescued Free-Rangers. We have been so happy with the life we have been able to give our original ten girls and although we have now lost four of them, the others are looking magnificent.

Sue xx


  1. I love Welsummers Sue. Such wonderfully fluffy good natured girls aren't they? x

  2. beautiful colours those eggs and the dainty speckles are lovely ... good luck with the new girls xx

  3. Those speckly ones are lovely. Another 24 hens - fantastic!

  4. I am so jealous! The eggs are so pretty. I would love to keep hens but hubby has said no! :o( Well I can dream and enjoy the pictures of yours! :o)

  5. They are gorgeous eggs! Proper speckly, variable eggs like you might see in a Beatrix Potter picture or something.

    Another 24 girls... wow!

    Do you sell many eggs then? Or do you eat lots? Mirangues and cheese straws for egg whites and yolks!

    Love Charlotte

  6. Good grief Sue...that's alot of chickens !! They will all be tapping at the window for food lol Sue x

  7. I have egg envy!
    Welsummers do lay such beautiful eggs and with our 3 I do know who lays which but only because they make such a song and dance about it!
    I'm going to be showing the Chickadees your blog tomorrow just to let them know that they are not the only Welsummers in the country, but they are the only ones not laying any eggs!
    More chooks too that's brilliant news!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  8. Beautiful eggs! Our Welsummer has just started laying for the first time. I love to see her dark eggs in a box with the even darker Maran eggs and the blue ones from the Legbars. So pretty!

  9. oh i want to live on a farm where i can have fresh eggs everyday. my lone chicky passed on yesterday and i am so sad for so many reasons.

  10. oh one day i want chickens and have eggs that are different colors from different hens and not stamped by the USDA. I was just told about your blog and I'm so glad I found it. I will be checking back!


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