Thursday 14 January 2010

The Chickens Revenge.......

When you steal a chickens breakfast (see yesterdays post for details) you should expect that once that chicken is feeling better she will steal yours!!
Getting there just too late is not good enough. Looking sad will not bring back the Pedigree Chum!! Mum.....when all this madness is over can we PLEASE go for a walk? This is a madhouse, says Archie watching the scenes unfolding before him in the kitchen! Mmmm...better than layers pellets anyday, now where was that dog bed I fancy a snooze.....
In case you hadn't guessed, Molly is much better and is shortly to go back to the henhouse, she is getting her feet too firmly under the table already and LH says I cannot have a house chicken, especially if it won't wear a nappy!! Sue xx


  1. oh Sue this is hilarious ! Glad your poor chicken thawed out !

    my lot drink their water from the dogs' bowl as do the cats - it's a kind of " one bowl fits all kinda bowl " !!!

  2. I thought we had lost one of our hens to the cold Sue. I could see it lying on it's side with two legs straight out in front, but when i raced down the garden it turned out to be a tree stump with two spindly roots! x

  3. I am so pleased that Molly is better, love all the antics with the animals!
    Glad the Farmers market was a successful day, I most certainly will pop in and see you if I am in the area, well I'd make myself be in the area at the right time as it looks like a very good market, plus I'm always up for a bacon sarnie!
    Take care
    Sarah x


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