Thursday, 7 January 2010

Our snowy world.

Our world continues to be a snow bound one. We are holed up in the house keeping warm today, catching up on jobs and admiring the snow from the windows. The animals are all fed and have gone straight back to bed.

The way ahead.....

Before we came in and stripped off the many layers required to keep warm outside feeding the animals we took the dogs for a long walk to the mail box, but, naturally, there was no post, no postman can get through at the moment. We were invited in for a coffee with our neighbours while we were up the lane and warmed our hands for ten minutes.

and where we'd just walked.
The dogs loved the walk although little Rosy got quite tired as she has to leap along, bouncing like 'Tigger', walking through 10 inch deep snow when you're only 14 inches tall to the tip of your ears is difficult!
Waiting for us to catch up.
Once home we harvested some carrots from the polytunnel and some leeks from the raised bed, both were as frozen as if they had been in the freezer, this will form our lunch, leek and potato soup and our main meal a nice warming beef stew for the boys and a veggie version for me.

Keep warm and safe wherever you are.

Sue xx


  1. Our postie got through this morning, and promptly got stuck at the end of our drive!

    Spent half an hour pushing his little yellow van and helping him get away, opened the mail box to reveal just one letter: a water bill! Wish I hadn't bothered..!

  2. No Post, no bin men, no nothing here, and we only live two streets from the main road..Keep warm, last night here it was about -16 ...if you have read or heard about Benson being -17.7 we are not that far from there.

  3. what a beautiful place to live, it looks simply adorable! And picking your own veg for lunch, you are living a dream!

  4. Oh the little dog is almost lost in the deep snow ! It's peeling off the layers I hate - static electricity owch !


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