Monday 4 January 2010


The raised beds at the back of the house.
It's cold here today, so very cold. The chickens are having a meeting in the shed, I left the door open for them as their little feet were sticking to the ground and they looked so sorry for themselves. So they can have a day nipping in and out of the shed cleaning up the floor of the dropped chicken food and discussing life in general.
Rosy heading back to the house over the frozen puddle.

Lovely Hubby worked hard for the last few days of his holiday, preferring to bang the uprights for the raised beds into frozen earth over wallowing in the gritty mud that is usually at the back of the house. So now we have six of the nine raised beds installed, and some of them even have a layer of hourse manure in already from the local stables. Nice to see some progress in these slow days of Winter.

The pigs are warm and cosy in the barn. They are not being allowed out today the earth is too furrowed and hard, they could slip and break a leg. Me, I am catching up with Blogs and then retiring to my work room to make my latest creations for the Farmers Market at the weekend.

Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, looks chilly there! Very cold here also. Am very jealous of your raised beds - they have me dreaming of seed catalogues just looking at them!

  2. Freezing over here too! Good luck with the creations and keep warm!


  3. Sue, what an amazing recap of the year. I am inspired. Thank you for all you have shared. I am glad to have found your lovely site.

  4. Hello Sue,
    I wonder what lovely things you are making for your market?
    Keep warm and cosy and remind your dear Hubby that he really must thaw out indoors from time to time!
    D x


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