Friday 29 January 2010

Over to you............

This weeks posts will be slightly different,
inspired by you and your questions to me.
What would you like to know about our lives?
What interests you the most (the animals, the land, the veggies, the lifestyle....)?
What have you missed through joining as a follower more recently, that you would like a quick recap of?
What (or who) would you like to see a photo of that I may not have published yet?
Send a question, any question, in the form of a comment, or an email directly to me, and I will base a post around your answer.
I will spend the week (Monday to Friday) answering the questions on here and then at the end of the week the questions and their writers, will all go into a hat (probably LH's lovely flat cap) and a drawer will be made for a little goody bag of Lavender Loveliness from my Lavender's Blue farmers Market business.
Looking forward to seeing your away!
Sue xx


  1. Oh my goodness - I ask you so many questions already which you very kindly answer.

    My first is - what is that green stuff in the picture ? !!!

    Do you give the hens greens / salad leaves to eat and as I have no green stuff left nor any hope of it returning so should I be supplimenting their diet ?

    We have a small area of green stuff at the back ( ha - hubby not let off mowing quite yet ! ) so once we start cutting it again - shall I give the clippings to the chickens ?

    There you go ! my question !

    My first interest in your Blog was the hens but now I am interested in your veggies as I am a novice who is trying some veggie growing for the first time.

    Thanks Sue !

  2. Ooh!

    In your bid to go self sufficient, how do the household bills add up in comparison to your previous life!

    A really practical question I know.

    Vanessa x

  3. I have been wondering about the 'Lavender' part of your life .....

  4. ... but Sue, it's going to take more than a week to think of a good question!

  5. I love the chickens!

    I would like to learn more about exactly how many you have, how it started, what it was like to get your first ones.

    And a picture of you cuddling a chicken!!

    Love Charlotte

    ps You don't have any rabbits do you? If you do Humphrey says forget the chickens, he wants rabbit stuff!!

  6. Hi, I'd love to know how you go about growing, harvesting, drying your lavender.
    And also, what has been the most challenging part of chicken keeping for you?
    We are moving this year, and i'm hoping to keep chickens, and grow some veg. My ol rescue dog is a risk to chickens, so i think we'll need large space for an outdoor run for them, so they're safe from her. My gran had chickens when i was little, i loved them, my favourite was Lucinda, she was the matriarch.

  7. do your chickens bully you? Mine always make a huge noise when I step out my back door, hoping I will bring them some tasty treats!


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