Tuesday 12 January 2010

The First Farmers Market of the Year

Sunday saw us up bright and early, wading through the still powder soft snow to feed the pigs and chickens before loading the van for the first Farmers Market of the year in the village hall.
The track was dangerously icy but we arrived in one piece and helped organise the tables in the hall. Setting up stall was easy, it's becoming quicker as I'm getting more ruthless with stock and bring a lot less with me.
The lavender stall. (A really lovely lady runs this....lol!!) Other stall holders arrived, we had almost a full compliment, just two missing because of the weather. Our usual cake lady was one of the absentees, so Caroline on the veggie stall had rustled up some cakes at the last minute. Lots of lovely healthy veggies (and some whopping big carrots this week).
Handspun wool, felted bowls, lovely warm handmade blankets and notebooks bearing the photos of the wool donors.
And the spinner herself getting ready to spring into action.
One of our newer stalls, lovely Berkshire bacon, sausages, in fact everything you could get from a Berkshire pig (except the squeak).
Ready meals the way they should be. Made with lovely fresh local produce. Ready to pop in your fridge or freezer for the days when cooking is the last thing on your mind but quality of food is still important.
Gorgeous cheeses and a tower of lollipops (they went down VERY well with the children).
Gorgeously yummy freshly made bread.
And behind the scenes.........
...the men are in the kitchen, setting up the bacon butty production line!
Unpacking supplies of bacon, bread, and sauces.
Customer numbers were down slightly because of the weather, but as usual the atmosphere was great and lots of chatting went on over bacon butties and warming cups of coffee.
This Market is on the second Sunday of every month in Great Haseley village hall, pop in you're ever in the area. We're a friendly bunch.
A hope you like this little glimpse into our Farmers Market. I have to go now I have a poorly chicken!!
Sue xx


  1. lots & lots of goodies - I'm sure it takes a great deal of time to set up - some wonderful produce there ..

    wassup with the chick ?

  2. OH,my how I wish I could stop by it is such an inviting scene. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love farmers markets a real mix of people and products!

    Wish I could stop by but distance maybe an issue!

    Vanessa x

  4. Lovely displays by talented stallholders, the future of retail methinks!


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