Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snowed In!!

It's official...we are snowed in!
The snow is lying a good eight inches thick, and still falling, the vehicles are buried and world is a white magical place.
I fed the chickens and tried to persuade them to leave the henhouse for a few minutes whilst I cleaned it out for them, but they refused to go, so they sat on the perches while I changed the newspaper lining the floor.

Two of the Welsummers were brave and took to the air, but on landing refused to go anywhere else so we carried them back to the house and in they ran to tell the other of their adventures in 'the white stuff'.

The pigs are cosy in the barn, and returned to their bedroom immediately upon finishing their breakfast. We set off to walk the dogs, Sophie's fur soon filled up with little snowballs, and we had to remove Rosy's collar in the end as her name tag kept turning into an icy snowball that weighed her down unnecessarily.

Alan threw many snowballs at me, but the dogs soon chased him off!

Little Rosy was up to her back in the snow and did her best Meercat impression, standing up on her hind legs to see where to go next. The world is white and looks set to stay that way for a couple of days, Lovely Hubby is working from home and I am staying indoors preparing for the Farmers Market, in case it can go ahead on Sunday. We are fully stocked up with food for us and the animals and our only concern is getting Jason back to University on Friday, but that may have to be delayed!! Keep warm and have fun! Sue xx


  1. that's a lorra lorra snow ! we are enjoying our little bit... even the hens !!!

  2. What fun! Glad you are well stocked up!
    Have a good time in the snow!

  3. Hi Sue
    What wonderful magical photo's .... looks like your having a fun time, Rosy as well... snow is one of my most favourite things in the world...although I know for some it is a real problem......It's like living in Narnia....
    Happy New Year to you all and keep safe and warm.

  4. We are sitting here surrounded by snow too - our chickens were very unimpressed by the white stuff as well. Toby, the JR sunk up to his belly in the snow!


  5. Lovely photos Sue. I think the pigs have the right idea: a brief hibernation!

  6. My English Springer, Chloe, loved the snows we had in Minneapolis ... I miss her. Some of my most prized photos are of her playing in it! Stay cozy and warm ... all of you!

  7. Wow you are snowed in...whereabouts are you ...I know in oxfordshire, just wondering where. Which farmers market will you be going to, if it takes place. Stay warm :-)


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