Monday 18 January 2010

Misty morning.

This morning we woke to a misty world.

I went with the dogs to let the chickens out at first light, they need the daylight hours as much as possible at the moment, and with the slowly lengthening evenings are getting back into their previous egg laying routine. We are consistently getting seven eggs a day at the moment, which is good for ten laying chickens.  We have three of the Welsummers laying at the moment and one still to start, hopefully she will not be long behind her sisters.  The White Stars are now 30 months old, so should really be laying slightly less frequently than one egg a day each.

  With the chickens up and pecking around, we went to feed the pigs, they were having a lie in and only woke when they heard me rattling their feed bucket, they staggered blearily out of their bedroom and got stuck in.  It was almost five minutes until they looked up to say their thanks in their piggy way, with flicking of their ears and their friendly, snuffly, grunty sound.

We left the pigs to their peaceful breakfast and walked the fields the dogs and I.  We wandered through previously hard frozen puddles splashing and having fun, although I knew it would make for more cleaning up when I got them home we raced the muddy track and enjoyed ourselves.  As we wandered back past the pigs they were strolling out to their outdoor space looking slightly more awake and ready to face the world.

The sun tried valiently to comes out from behind the clouds and briefly backlit the pond, but it was thwarted quickly and the world has turned a shade of grey again.

I am making plans today for what we are going to be growing in the polytunnel, I need to look through seeds over from last year and check the seeds we harvested ourselves.

We will have 9 new raised beds to fill this year, 4 of them will contain our potatoes,  the rest we have yet to decide on.  I should imagine beans, peas and salad crops in a couple of them.  Time to go and plan.

Have a good day.

Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue
    I know how those sleepy pigs feel - on such a day it is a struggle to roll out of bed! We had a brief hour or so of sunshine today, but now it's cloudy. But like the cats, I sat in the sun's rays soaking up the warmth.
    Good luck with all your planting plans - how lovely to have all those raised beds to fill!
    Denise x

  2. Oh those raised beds look good !

    It was so misty here a couple I met on the beach couldn't believe that The Isle of Wight was where I said it was !!

    I'm still getting three out of four hens laying - Roxy seems so timid still though will eat out of my hand now. I cuddle her before she is let out in thre morning. I can't wait til she lays as they are supposed to be blue eggs !

  3. Without the animals to feed, water and chase after, and the garden to attend to, I don't think I'd have seen much of a day like today.

    Get's one out and about don't it?


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