Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Live Below the Line - Day Three

The cupboard looks bare by normal standards, but brings back many memories for me of days when my cupboards would look like this or even emptier.  For me that's the bittersweet side of Living Below the Line this week, the knowing that years ago I lived this way ... for real.  Scrabbling together meals from what I could afford to put into the cupboards ...

... from the couple of things that were left in the freezer ...

... and from remains of jars in the fridge.
Day three of my Live Below the Line week saw me once again having peanut butter on toast, cut artistically into triangles so you can see that they are indeed different slices of toast to the ones of Monday and Tuesday with a black coffee.  I must say this coffee is very drinkable at the time you drink it, but it always leaves me with a weird aftertaste that needs a glass of tap water to wash away the taste of it, I'll be glad to see my Nescafe again at the end of the five days.
Lunch was the same Rice Salad as Monday, I forgot to take a photo of this but it looked pretty identical. 

For tea I had Spaghetti and the second half of the jar of sauce, and I have to say once cooked it pretty much resembled and tasted like a tin of spaghetti in sauce like I used to eat years ago on toast.  I'm glad this is the last of the pasta sauce, it might be cheap but it's packed full of sugar and salt and tastes so artificial.  I was however pleasantly surprised to find a few bit of actual tomato in there!!
At the start of the week I had decided to have a fifth of the tin of peaches and rice pudding each evening for supper but I found myself just not fancying it and made do with a couple of cups of coffee each night after tea instead.
Todays food came to the grand total of 76p ..... WOW!!
I bet you can't guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow ;-)
Here's the LINK to my fundraising page, thank you SO much all the wonderful readers of this Blog that have already donated to Send a Cow.  I have slightly upped my target as I have already passed my initial target of £250 .... and it's all down to you - THANK YOU.
I wonder how many cows we have enabled to be sent over to Africa already, how many families are we helping to help themselves?  One thing for sure we ARE helping :-)
Sue xx


  1. You are still doing so well, I have finally donated after resetting forgotten passwords.

  2. I lived like that twice in my life. Once when DD was young and the second time was about 8 years ago. Neither were my doing and I vow never again! .Your fridge is lovely and clean, puts mine to shame ;)

    1. It's easy to keep clean whilst it's so empty :-)

  3. Your cupboards reminded me of having young children and barely enough money to feed them, sad that so many have so little - you're doing a great job sue xx


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