Saturday 19 April 2014

Live Below the Line - Version Two

Lemon Curd 22p
Brown Bread 50p

100g Coffee 50p
Breakfast - Brown Toast with Lemon Curd washed down with a couple of cups of coffee.
Sausage Rolls 6 for £1

2 tins of Baked Beans 25p each = 50p
Lunch - One Sausage Roll with just under half a tin of Baked Beans each day.  With a bonus Sausage Roll for the day you are the hungriest. :-)
2 Frozen Pizzas 60p each - £1.20
900g Frozen Chips 60p
Tea - Cut each Pizza into five wedges and then you can have two per day with a nice handful of chips for your tea.
Custard Creams 35p
If you're feeling peckish between meals, you could have a custard cream to dunk in your coffee.  But don't drink the sludge at the bottom of the cup ...... unless you're very hungry!!
I call this one my 'Junk Food Menu'.  Easy to cook, easy to eat and not a piece of fruit or veg in sight!!  The total cost of todays options is £4.87, so you have 13p over, which means you could have a sprinkle of salt on your chips and ....  maybe even stretch to buying yourself a banana.
*** *** *** *** ***
Are you feeling inspired to have a go yourself yet.  If not why not nip over to my fundraising page to inspire me to give it a go on your behalf.
Thank you.
And can I just say a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you who donated after yesterdays post.  You are ALL amazing.
Sue xx


  1. Really good cause - good luck. I so enjoy your inspiring blog. Have donated :)

  2. Like Abi said, it's for a very good cause.

    X x

  3. I forgot to comment yesterday, I will have to pop along to donate.

  4. Love your commitment to the cause. Unfortunately, I`m unable to donate due to financial restraints. For us charity must begin at home, now that DB`s health is failing and he`s been redundant for exactly 1 year.

  5. One sausage roll in my part of Canada is well over $1.25. A can of bean on sale is .99cents.

    Food is far cheaper in the UK.


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