Tuesday 29 April 2014

Live Below the Line - Day Two

My second day of Live Below the Line week started out very 'carby'.
Three rounds of peanut butter on toast and a couple of black coffees. I usually buy smooth peanut butter but I must say I was getting used to this one, although the coffee left a weird aftertaste in my mouth and I usually followed it with a glass of tap water, saving my Sparkling Water to have with my tea each day.

And it was followed for lunch with my only two little eggs poached on yet another slice of toast, with another black coffee.  A scrape of butter on the toast would have been nice, but hey ho I didn't have any, so I was careful to leave the centres of the eggs a little runny so that once I cut into them there was a least some moisture on the toast!!

And for tea - pasta!!

But it was my most successful meal of the week, and luckily I had enough ingredients to replicate it once more later in the week.

Fishy Pasta

Half a jar of Fish Paste
Third of an onion
25g Broccoli picked from the Mixed Veg Bag
25mls of Mayo
125g Spaghetti

Cook the spaghetti in fast boiling water for the time stated on the pack, adding the Broccoli three minutes from the end of the cooking time.

Add a dash of the pasta water to a frying pan and 'fry' the onion, after five minutes add the fish paste and cook briefly, then add the Mayo, this simply adds a creaminess to the dish.

Spoon the pasta into the frying pan, slopping in some of the cooking water t thin down the sauce if necessary.  Eat immediately and enjoy.

This was inspired by Jack Monroe's recipe Creamy Salmon Pasta and even though I didn't have some of the ingredients it worked a treat.

Supper was simply a cup of black coffee at the computer while I read through and watched THIS to refresh my mind about why I was doing this.

Thank you for all your wonderful donations that are helping me help some wonderful people to help themselves, 'a hand up not a hand out', such a wonderful way to donate.

Sue xx


  1. I admire what you are doing but I just know that by about day 3 I would crack.

  2. I could eat most of what you are eating, but I couldn't drink cheap coffee, Yuk, horrible. It's Nescafe for me, I know that's not the best, but I like the taste. Three rounds of peanut butter on toast would be too much for me, a dip in the jar when I open the fridge is my naughty habit.

  3. The pasta recipe sounds delicious and so simple. Thanks for the idea ;)

  4. Bloody hell well done that woman
    Am loving your conwy photos

  5. The thing I missed most when I did the challenge was hot drinks. I just drank water the whole time and craved a bucket of hot tea!

  6. You're doing so well, I must remember to donate!


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