Wednesday 9 April 2014

Running Water on a Welsh Hillside

Can you hear banging?
... " I can .... where do you think it's coming from?"
" It's that man in the flat cap doing things again to our world again!! "
" He's vanished ... with the job half done .....

... oh it's okay he must have snuck back and finished it."
Yes we now have running water in Chicken World, and as the chickens noticed Lovely Hubby managed to do the job in two halves, the first half with materials we already had and the other half after he had nipped off to the merchants to buy the connectors he was short of.
It's surprising how something as simple as a rain barrel makes life much easier.  No more traipsing over to the house and having to take off wellies to get a bucket of water and then carrying it back, we have rain water on tap.
Now we just have to hope that we continue to get the occasional rain we have had up to now on our Welsh hillside ...... did you see the sarcasm dripping from that sentence!!
Sue xx


  1. Don't they bloody well guzzle water in hot weather?

  2. Lucky you got a nice big butt... xxx

  3. It wont be just the sarcasm that's dripping soon. water butts are a godsend, I have 14 at the cottage.

    1. 14!!! Blimey, that's a lot of butts. Must be good in the dry weather tho

  4. I love this idea...just called my man in to look at your picture...this would work so well on my chicken coop...hope you don't mind if I copy your great your blog

  5. Smiles ~ I always love chicken commentary .

  6. Three cheers for hubby, another job well done. Water butts are an essential....I have seven here and it is still not enough:) Love to see your chickens..........I would love to keep some hens.

  7. Couldn't do without our water barrels..although one has spectacularly split this winter.
    Jane x

  8. I'm always surprised by how much they they drink. Mine normally have rain water and seem to do well on it.

  9. How come my hubby installed us a waterbutt on our house roof last weekend but I never thought of getting one for the chook shed, thank you Sue :)

  10. I'm so jealous of your chicken world. I would love just a couple but our deeds says no livestock and that does include chickens. One day when we move I will have a couple of chickens. Until then I shall just enjoy your blog and your chicken stories.

  11. It looks amazing, your hubby has done a great job. My chucks would love this.

    X x

  12. Free water always the best!
    Clever lh!
    Did he have his new socks on to show the chooks!?!

  13. Directing the water into a water but in the chicken run has been on D's to-do list for AGES and still not done ! I will show him this post and shame him! (He's too busy with bee hives at the mo)


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